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Blue Lan in The Spin Kid (2011) Movie Image

The Spin Kid (2011) Movie Review

Screened at Taiwan Cinefest 2012. Popular Taiwanese star Blue Lan follows up domestic box office smash “Night Market Hero” with...

Myung-min Kim in Pacemaker (2011) Movie Image

Pacemaker (2011) Movie Review

“Pacemaker” is a Korean underdog sports story, this time revolving around the titular runner, a support athlete who helps to...

Ye-jin Son in Spellbound (2011) Movie Image

Spellbound (2011) Movie Review #2

Romantic comedy gets a ghostly twist with the Korean film “Spellbound” (aka “Chilling Romance”), which marks the directorial debut of...

Love On-Air aka Wonderful Radio (2012) Movie Image

Love On-Air (2012) Movie Review

aka “Wonderful Radio” As its title suggests, “Love On-Air” is a radio themed Korean romantic comedy, which revolves around popular...

Rene Liu and Tang Wei in Speed Angels (2011) Movie Image

Speed Angels (2011) Movie Review

Hong Kong director Jingle Ma follows up “Love You You” and “Mulan” with more cinematic popcorn in the glossy form...

Daniel Wu and Kevin Spacey in Inseparable (2011) Movie Image

Inseparable (2011) Movie Review

Screened at the 2012 Terracotta Far East Film Festival. “Inseparable” is somewhat of a landmark event, being one of the...

Arirang (2011) Movie Image

Arirang (2011) Movie Review

Screened at the 2012 Terracotta Far East Film Festival. Controversial and (very) angry Korean director Kim Ki Duk returns after...

Eita in Monsters Club (2011) Movie Image

Monsters Club (2011) Movie Review

Screened at the 2012 Terracotta Far East Film Festival. Japanese auteur Toshiaki Toyoda returns with “Monsters Club”, following up the...

Gyo (2012) Movie Image

Gyo (2012) Movie Review

Screened at the 2012 Terracotta Far East Film Festival. “Gyo” is an OVA anime adaptation of the horror manga by...

Yu-mi Jeong in Silenced (2011) Movie Image

Silenced (2011) Movie Review

Based on the novel “Dokani” by Kong Ji Young and charting shocking real life events and sexual abuse at a...

Park So-yeon in Scars (2011) Movie Image

Scars (2011) Movie Review

“Scars” sees indie director Lim Woo Seong following his impressive and much praised debut “Vegetarian” with another dark exploration of...

Feng Shaofeng in White Vengeance (2011) Movie Image

White Vengeance (2011) Movie Review

Although its odd English title might suggest some kind of racially themed thriller, “White Vengeance” is actually Hong Kong director...

Han Hyo-joo and So Ji-sub in Always (2011) Movie Image

Always (2011) Movie Review

Respected Korean indie director Song Il Gon, praised for the likes of “Magicians”, “Flower Island” and the superb psychological mystery...

Yoo Da-in in Re-encounter (2010) Movie Image

Re-encounter (2010) Movie Review

2010 and 2011 were particularly great years for Korean indie cinema, with lots of very worthwhile productions making it to...

S.I.U. (2011) Movie Image

S.I.U. (2011) Movie Review

Mismatched cop buddy films have long been popular in Korean cinema, from the classic paring of Ahn Sung Ki and...

Han Ye Seul in Penny Pinchers (2011) Movie Image

Penny Pinchers (2011) Movie Review

“Penny Pinchers” is a Korean romantic comedy with an economic theme, following a couple of likeable outsiders trying to get...

Jeong Seok-won in The Beast (2011) Movie Image

The Beast (2011) Movie Review

“The Beast” is another Korean kidnap thriller, written and directed by first timer Hwang Yu Sik and starring up and...