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Crawl (2011) Movie Image

Crawl (2011) Movie Review

The Coen Brothers, in particular “Blood Simple” and “No Country for Old Men”, are evoked in “Crawl”, an Australian shot...

The Reef (2010) Movie Image

The Reef (2010) Movie Review

Well, firstly, I suppose it’s necessary to mention that I haven’t seen “Open Water”.  Or “Adrift”.  Or “Lifeboat”.  So I...

Ryan Kwanten in Red Hill (2010) Movie Image

Red Hill (2010) Movie Review

I saw “Red Hill” at Frightfest – a horror movie festival.  “Red Hill” is not a horror movie.  This annoyed...

Road Train (2010) Movie Image

Road Train (2010) Movie Review

I love trailers.  Not the ones that you pull along with your car (although they are pretty cool), no –...

The Dinner Party (2009) Movie Image

The Dinner Party (2009) Movie Review

“The Dinner Party” is an Australian independent feature that has enjoyed success on the festival circuit, having been an official...

Stolen Life (2007) Movie Poster

Stolen Life (2007) Movie Review

The latest project from Nanoflix Productions is a full-length feature film that uses the AG Engine, the latest in a...

Kokoda (2006) Movie Poster

Kokoda (2006) Movie Review

I consider movies like the Australian World War II film “Kokoda” a gem. The treat of such a movie lies...

The Proposition (2005) Movie DVD

The Proposition (2005) Movie Review

“Australia . What fresh hell is this?” So ponders the grizzled Captain Morris Stanley (Ray Winstone, “Sexy Beast”), a British...

Feed (2005) Movie Poster

Feed (2005) Movie Review

“Feed” marks somewhat of a change in direction for Brett Leonard, whose last outing was the ridiculous comic book adaptation...

Skrypt (2004) Movie Image

Skrypt (2004) Movie Review

I can safely say that “Skrypt” is the only Austrian film I’ve ever reviewed, seen or known to have existed....

Wolf Creek (2005) Movie DVD

Wolf Creek (2005) Movie Review

With strong advance word from mainstream critics (including a nomination for the Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes film festival)...

Visitors (2003) Movie Poster

Visitors (2003) Movie Review

I’ve never been particularly impressed with people who sail around the world on a boat, in a hot air balloon,...

Undead (2003) Movie Image

Undead (2003) Movie Review

Is it possible to make a movie with only 6 main characters, and yet imbue all 6 with the most...

Garage Days (2002) Movie DVD

Garage Days (2002) Movie Review

The biggest problem I can find with Alex Proyas’ 2002 effort, “Garage Days”, is that it’s completely superfluous and, perhaps...

The Nugget (2002) Movie DVD

The Nugget (2002) Movie Review

The Australian comedy “The Nugget” will probably be most notable for starring Eric Bana, who was in last year’s “Blackhawk...

Subterano (2003) Movie DVD

Subterano (2003) Movie Review

A lot of things about Esben Storm’s “Subterano” puzzles me. The movie is about killer toys that hunt unsuspecting civilians...

The Dish (2000) Movie DVD

The Dish (2000) Movie Review

It’s 1969 and Neil Armstrong and the crew of Apollo 11 are about to land on the moon, and everyone...


Moulin Rouge (2001) Movie Review

While watching Moulin Rouge, I suddenly developed a headache and a general dislike for musicals. (Not that I ever cared...