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Birthday Girl (2001) Movie Poster

Birthday Girl (2001) Movie Review

I don’t think I’m ruining anything by saying that Nicole Kidman (“The Others”) stars in “Birthday Girl” as a Russian...

Deathwatch (2002) Movie Poster

Deathwatch (2002) Movie Review

As further proof of the sad state of horror films nowadays, I give you the British movie “Deathwatch” and the...

The Bunker (2001) Movie Poster

The Bunker (2001) Movie Review

I’ve always been more than a little perplexed by movies that require an exclusively American cast to use a “foreign”...

Mean Machine (2003) Movie DVD Cover

Mean Machine (2003) Movie Review

The British Sports in Prison movie “Mean Machine” is a remake of the American Sports in Prison film “The Longest...

Gangster No. 1 (2004) Movie Poster

Gangster No. 1 (2004) Movie Review

There is something insanely enjoyable about Paul McGuigan’s English crime film “Gangster No. 1.” Aside from the rather oddball title,...

Intimacy (2001) Movie Poster

Intimacy (2001) Movie Review

“Intimacy” is the kind of film that you never see being made in America. This could be for a number...

Long Time Dead (2002) Movie DVD Cover

Long Time Dead (2002) Movie Review

Besides being incredibly lacking in originality, scares, or even those small guilty pleasures I always manage to find in any...

Dog Soldiers (2002) Movie DVD Cover

Dog Soldiers (2002) Movie Review

The new British Werewolves Attack film Dog Soldiers is most interesting for fans of American horror films who have ever...

Enigma (2002) Movie Poster

Enigma (2002) Movie Review

Michael Apted’s Enigma is a World War II suspense/mystery and concerns the British’s attempts to break the German code machine...

Paranoid (2000) Movie DVD Cover

Paranoid (2000) Movie Review

Like some people I know, some movies think they’re more interesting than they really are. This is the case with...

Croupier (1998) Movie DVD Cover

Croupier (1998) Movie Review

I know a lot of people like the ones that appears in Mike Hodges’ Croupier, a movie about a novelist...


Snatch (2000) Movie Review

I have only seen two Guy Ritchie movies (he’s made 3 so far) and I can reasonably determine what the...


Essex Boys (2000) Movie Review

My knowledge of England and all of its districts, ‘burbs, provinces, or whatever they call them over there, is as...