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Manborg (2011) Movie Image

Manborg (2011) Movie Review

Do you remember how low-budget movies from the 80s never really lived up to their VHS covers? Except for maybe...


New On DVD: Things

“They ate Susan, they ate her to the skull.” “Things” makes it feel like you’ve been magically transported back to...

Nothing dvd

Nothing (2003) Movie Review

If there’s one thing about Canadian filmmaker Vincenzo Natali that you can take to the bank, it’s that the guy...

Elevated (1997) Movie Image

Elevated (1997) Movie Review

Canadian filmmaker Vincenzo Natali burst onto the movie scene with the release of “Cube”, but has since moved onto bigger...

Meat Market 2 (2001) Movie DVD Cover

Meat Market 2 (2001) Movie Review

Paul Pedrosa, who plays the improbably named Shahrokh, gets a bullet in the head ala Fulci’s “Zombie” in “Meat Market...

Nemesis Game (2003) Movie Poster

Nemesis Game (2003) Movie Review

Writer/director Jesse Warn’s “Nemesis Game” is a mild diversion. It’s not bad enough to be useless, but it’s not quite...

Meat Market (2000) Movie DVD Cover

Meat Market (2000) Movie Review

I know it’s something of a cheat to call Brian Clement’s zombie opus “Meat Market” a foreign film, since while...

Bollywood/Hollywood (2002) Movie DVD Cover

Bollywood/Hollywood (2002) Movie Review

Deepa Mehta’s “Bollywood/Hollywood” is so obviously a parody of Hollywood romantic comedies and Bollywood melodrama that once you realize this,...


Ginger Snaps (2000) Movie Review

The opening shots of Ginger Snaps — the identical lifeless homes of a planned community, where lots are still available...


Cube (1997) Movie Review

“Cube” is a strange, but good, movie. It’s one of the more creative movies I’ve seen in a long time....