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Burned Wings (2013) Movie Image

Burned Wings (2013) Movie Review

Acclaimed Chinese director and fast rising young talent Zheng Kuo follows up his challenging art and democracy documentary “The Cold...

Hello Babies (2014) Movie Poster

Hello Babies (2014) Movie Review

In its own way, “Hello Babies” is something of a landmark, with traditional Lunar New Year box office rivals Eric...

Lan Kwai Fong 3 (2014) Movie Image

Lan Kwai Fong 3 (2014) Movie Review

Wilson Chin takes another trip back to Hong Kong’s hottest nightlife district (apparently) with “Lan Kwai Fong 3”, completing an...

Simon Yam in The Constable (2013) Movie Image

The Constable (2013) Movie Review

Hong Kong real estate developer turned writer/producer/director Dennis Law returns with “The Constable”, with Simon Yam headlining as a cop...

Mi Yang in Tiny Times 1.0 (2013) Movie Image

Tiny Times 1.0 (2013) Movie Review

“Tiny Times” has been somewhat of a phenomenon over in China, originating as a trilogy of extremely popular novels from...

Bingbing Fan in One Night Surprise (2013) Movie Image

One Night Surprise (2013) Movie Review

Romantic comedies continue to prove popular in mainstream Chinese cinemas, glossy tales of modern urban relationships consistently ranking amongst the...

Chinese Independent Film Festival 2013

James Mudge at the 10th China Independent Film Festival

10th China Independent Film Festival 第十届中国独立影像年度展 文:James Mudge (伦敦华语视像艺术节总监,英国非主流影片网站www.beyondhollywood.com及全球亚洲影片销售网Yes Asia首席影评撰稿人。) (Chinese Translation: Jingjing Xie 译:谢晶晶) The China Independent Film Festival...

Jay Chou in The Rooftop (2013) Movie Image

The Rooftop (2013) Movie Review

Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou returns with “The Rooftop”, his second outing as director following his successful and surprisingly accomplished 2007...

Hardcore Comedy (2013) Movie Image

Hardcore Comedy (2013) Movie Review

With the success of Pang Ho Cheung’s foul mouthed and hilarious “Vulgaria” having proved that rude and crude are still...

So Young (2013) Movie Poster

So Young (2013) Movie Review

“So Young” sees Chinese actress Zhao Wei stepping behind the camera to make her directorial debut, backed by veteran producer...

The Grandmaster (2013) Movie Poster

The Grandmaster (2013) Movie Review

Note: This is a review of the Chinese cut of “The Grandmaster” (currently available through The version of the...

Christmas Rose (2013) Movie Poster

Christmas Rose (2013) Movie Review

“Christmas Rose” marks the directorial debut of Hong Kong actress Charlie Yeung, who started off her career with roles in...

Aaron Kwok in Conspirators (2013) Movie Image

Conspirators (2013) Movie Review

Despite its English language title, “Conspirators” is actually the third film in Oxide Pang’s “The Detective” franchise, following up on...

Jojo Goh in The Loan Shark (2011) Movie Image

The Loan Shark (2011) Movie Review

Originally released back in 2011, “The Loan Shark” saw Malaysian director C.L. Hor following up on “The 3rd Generation” and...

Drug War (2012) Movie Poster

Drug War (2012) Movie Review

Cult favourite and auteur Johnnie To joins the ranks of Hong Kong directors trying their luck on the Mainland with...

The Chrysalis (2013) Movie Poster

The Chrysalis (2013) Movie Review

Though limited by notoriously tough censorship, the horror genre is slowly but surely finding its feet in Chinese cinema, with...