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72 Martyrs (2011) Movie Image

72 Martyrs (2011) Movie Review

“72 Martyrs” is another film released to tie in with the 100th anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution, a turning point...

Nightmare (2011) Movie Image

Nightmare (2011) Movie Review

“Nightmare” is a film immediately of interest as one of the rare horror efforts to emerge from Mainland China, where...

Jacky Wu in Magic to Win (2011) Movie Image

Magic to Win (2011) Movie Review

Talented director Wilson Yip’s magical 2011 action/comedy “Magic to Win” is more in tune with his 2006 effort “Dragon Tiger...

Red Light Revolution (2010) Movie Image

Red Light Revolution (2010) Movie Review

Billed, quite accurately, as ‘China’s first sex shop comedy’, “Red Light Revolution” marks the directorial debut of Australian born Sam...

Nicholas Tse in The Viral Factor (2012) Movie Image

The Viral Factor (2012) Movie Review

“Fire of Conscience” mastermind Dante Lam thoroughly understands the action genre. The director’s latest endeavor, the 2012 scorcher “The Viral...

Zhuo Tan and Wang Baoqiang in Mr. Tree (2011) Movie Image

Mr. Tree (2011) Movie Review

Acclaimed Mainland Chinese director and international film festival favourite Jia Zhangke serves as producer on “Mr Tree” for debut helmer...

Cecilia Cheung in Legendary Amazons (2011) Movie Image

Legendary Amazons (2011) Movie Review

Cecilia Cheung’s comeback continues with “Legendary Amazons”, a Chinese period epic which also marks the return of Frankie Chan (“A...

Angelica Lee in Sleepwalker (2011) Movie Image

Sleepwalker (2011) Movie Review

“Sleepwalker” is the latest solo effort from Oxide Pang, one half of the twin brother directorial duo still best known...

Shao Bing, Cecilia Cheung, and Ronald Cheung in Treasure Hunt (2011) Movie Image

Treasure Hunt (2011) Movie Review

Wong Jing returns with something a little more family friendly than his usual bawdy fare in “Treasure Hunt”, an adventure...

Jackie Chan in 1911 (2011) Movie Image

1911 (2011) Movie Review

“1911” is a milestone film in two very important ways, marking the 100th anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution and the...

Zhang Ziyi and Aaron Kwok in Love for Life (2011) Movie Image

Love for Life (2011) Movie Review

The first Chinese AIDS themed film arrives with “Love for Life”, directed by cinematographer Gu Changwei, who previously helmed the...

My Kingdom (2011) Movie Image

My Kingdom (2011) Movie Review

Chinese period piece “My Kingdom” is a film which has whipped up a fair bit of interest as an East-West...

Lan Kwai Fong (2011) Movie Image

Lan Kwai Fong (2011) Movie Review

For the uninitiated, “Lan Kwai Fong” is one of Hong Kong’s most popular drinking areas, a nightlife beacon packed with...

The Way We Were (2011) Movie Image

The Way We Were (2011) Movie Review

Instantly recognisable Hong Kong supporting actor Liu Kai Chi (recently in “The Stool Pigeon”, “The Detective” plus sequel, and more)...