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Tang Yifei and Stephen Fung in Virtual Recall (2010) Movie Image

Virtual Recall (2010) Movie Review

“Virtual Recall” is a mind-bending, genre-blending thriller that combines romance, psychological drama and ambitious science fiction elements in an attempt...

Beach Spike (2011) Movie Image

Beach Spike (2011) Movie Review

When I first started covering director Tony Tang’s 2011 romantic sports flick “Beach Spike”, I thought the premise was unbearably...

Anya in Mysterious Island (2011) Movie Image

Mysterious Island (2011) Movie Review

“Mysterious Island” from director Chung Kai Cheung (who worked on “A-1 Headline” with Gordon Chan) is probably best described as...

Wind Blast (2010) Movie Image 2

Wind Blast (2010) Movie Review

Chinese director Gao Qunshu continues his bid to be the country’s top genre film maker, following up his hit visceral...

Choy Lee Fut (2011) Movie Poster

Choy Lee Fut (2011) Movie Review

“Choy Lee Fut” should be cause for excitement for martial arts fans, given that it stars genre godfather Sammo Hung...

Nicholas Tse in Shaolin (2011) Movie Image

Shaolin (2011) Movie Review

In “Shaolin”, Andy Lau plays a Chinese Warlord named General Hou Jie (though where he got that title, or all...

Gillian Chung in Ex (2010) Movie Image

Ex (2010) Movie Review

Gillian Chung continues her comeback with “Ex”, an attempt to put a more mature and insightful spin on the romantic...

All About Love (2010) Movie Image

All About Love (2010) Movie Review

Acclaimed Hong Kong director and industry veteran Ann Hui returns with “All About Love”, a film considerably lighter in tone...

Chongqing Blues (2010) Movie Image

Chongqing Blues (2010) Movie Review

Highly acclaimed Sixth Generation Chinese director Wang Xiaoshuai returns with his latest work “Chongqing Blues”, completing the multiple award winning...

Love in Disguise (2010) Movie Image

Love in Disguise (2010) Movie Review

Taiwanese pop superstar and actor Leehom Wang expands his horizons further by co-writing and taking up the directorial reigns with...