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Zoom Hunting (2010) Movie Image

Zoom Hunting (2010) Movie Review

The voyeuristic Taiwanese suspense drama “Zoom Hunting” marks the directorial debut of Cho Li, who previously worked as producer on...

Aftershock (2010) Movie Image

Aftershock (2010) Movie Review

Although still not as well known in the West as contemporaries such as Zhang Yimou, or even Chen Kaige, Feng...

Break Up Club (2010) Movie Image

Break Up Club (2010) Movie Review

Barbara Wong, noted director of hip modern Hong Kong youth films returns with “Break Up Club”, teaming again with writer...

Daniel Wu and Louis Koo in Triple Tap (2010) Movie Image

Triple Tap (2010) Movie Review

Derek Yee, currently one of the hottest thriller directors working in Hong Kong at the moment after the likes of...

Donnie Yen in Ip Man (2008) Movie Image

Ip Man (2008) Movie Review #3

As a long time fan of martial arts films, I was very much looking forward to seeing Donnie Yen starring...

Black Ransom (2010) Movie Image

Black Ransom (2010) Movie Review

“Bullet and Brain” director Keung Kwok Man teams again with writer producer Wong Jing for triad kidnap thriller “Black Ransom”....

Future X-Cops (2010) Movie Poster

Future X-Cops (2010) Movie Review

Legendary Hong Kong writer, director and one man cinematic production line Wong Jing returns with “Future X-Cops” a remake sequel...

Jinglei Xu in Go Lala Go! (2010) Movie Image

Go Lala Go! (2010) Movie Review

Popular Chinese actress, director, writer and celebrity blogger Xu Jinglei returns to screens both in front of and behind the...

Bad Blood (2010) Movie Poster

Bad Blood (2010) Movie Review

Property developer turned film maker Dennis Law continues his onslaught on Hong Kong cinemas with another genre outing in “Bad...

Donnie Yen in 14 Blades (2010) Movie Image

14 Blades (2010) Movie Review #2

Action megastar Donnie Yen adds yet another notch to his ever growing belt with “14 Blades”, the latest wuxia epic...

True Legend (2010) Movie Image

True Legend (2010) Movie Review

The announcement of “True Legend” unsurprisingly caused considerable excitement amongst martial arts fans, given that it saw Yuen Woo Ping,...

Womb Ghosts (2010) Movie Image

Womb Ghosts (2010) Movie Review

The wonderfully titled “Womb Ghosts” is the latest effort from real-estate developer-turned director and one man Hong Kong film factory...