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Chronicle (2012) Movie Poster

Chronicle (2012) Movie Review

Peter Parker’s uncle Ben once famously said (just before he got blown away by some scumbag with a gun, natch),...

Dane DeHaan and Alex Russell in Chronicle (2012) Movie Image gallery

New Chronicle Images, Same Bad Boys

A new batch of images from Josh Trank’s superheroes-gone-bad movie “Chronicle”. I guess when you think about it, calling the...

Alex Russell and Michael B. Jordan in Chronicle (2012) Movie Image video

New Chronicle TV Spot Gets Serious

Ah yeah, it’s getting serious down in here, kids! The latest TV spot for Josh Trank’s teen superhero film finds...

Chronicle (2012) Movie Image gallery

New Chronicle Poster Has a Bad Attitude

Here’s a new poster for Max Landis and Josh Trank’s “Chronicle”, their “teenage kids get superpowers and shit goes really,...