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Mads Mikkelsen in Valhalla Rising (2009) Movie Image

Valhalla Rising (2009) Movie Review

Having recently watched “Outlander”, I came to the inevitable conclusion that any further Viking movie that didn’t have giant aliens...

Semra Turan in Fighter (2007) Movie Image

Fighter (2007) Movie Review

Aicha loves kung fu, and has been learning at an all-girls club after school for the last three years, until...

Princess (2006) Movie Poster

Princess (2006) Movie Review

Given the enduring popularity of Eastern style anime and manga, Denmark probably isn’t the first country to spring to mind...

Kim Sønderholm as Craig (2008) Movie Image

Craig (2007) Movie Review

Craig is a pathethic schlob whom we first encounter in a police station, questioned about the unconvincing digital ‘fire’ effects...

Last Exit (2003) Movie DVD Cover

Last Exit (2003) Movie Review

David Noel Bourke’s “Last Exit”, about an Englishman in Denmark who gets into trouble with some criminal types, is problematic...