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The Aristocrats (2005) Movie DVD Cover

The Aristocrats (2005) Movie Review

On paper, the concept of “The Aristocrats” sounds terrible: it is, essentially, 90 minutes of comedians being interviewed about a...

Overnight (2003) Movie Poster

Overnight (2003) Movie Review

There is a telling scene in the documentary “Overnight” when Troy Duffy, the documentary’s star, is discussing the fate of...

Murderball (2005) Movie DVD Cover

Murderball (2005) Movie Review

“Can you believe this? These guys get more tail than I do.” Once the above thought pops into your head...

Trekkies 2 (2004) Movie DVD Cover

Trekkies 2 (2004) Movie Review

Want to know if you’ll be interested in “Trekkies 2″? Here’s a question: Did you like the first “Trekkies”? If...

Trekkies (1997) Movie DVD Cover

Trekkies (1997) Movie Review

Here’s the thing: Trekkies (or Trekkers, as some of them likes to be called) freaks me out. I’ve seen every...

Comedian (2003) Movie Poster

Comedian (2003) Movie Review

The best “character” in the documentary “Comedian”, which follows TV star and gazillionaire Jerry Seinfeld as he returns to the...

American Movie (1999) Movie Poster

American Movie (1999) Movie Review

Mark Borchardt, the 30-year old Midwesterner / aspiring filmmaker at the heart of the documentary “American Movie,” is what they...