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Dead Cert (2010) Movie Image

Dead Cert (2010) Movie Review

Given the seemingly never ending popularity of the Brit gangster film, it was always inevitable that sooner or later someone...

Dante 01 (2008) Movie Image

Dante 01 (2008) Movie Review

After watching Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s newest film, “Micmacs”, I started to wonder what has become of Marc Caro. It was an...

Centurion (2010) Movie Image

Centurion (2010) Movie Review

Give Neil Marshall a few thousand extras, broadswords, arrows, and let him stuff them all into grungy medieval conditions, and...

Micmacs (2009) Movie Image

Micmacs (2009) Movie Review

Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s films haven’t had the same feel since he went solo, breaking away from former collaborator Marc Caro. “Micmacs”,...

The Horde (2009) Movie Image

The Horde (2009) Movie Review

The French horror film “The Horde” has a simple enough premise: four cops, looking to avenge the execution-style murder of...

Mads Mikkelsen in Valhalla Rising (2009) Movie Image

Valhalla Rising (2009) Movie Review

Having recently watched “Outlander”, I came to the inevitable conclusion that any further Viking movie that didn’t have giant aliens...

[REC] 2 (2009) Movie Image

[REC] 2 (2009) Movie Review

Spanish directors Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza return for more shaky handheld camera action in “[Rec] 2”, the follow up...

Hélène de Fougerolles in Mutants (2009) Movie Image

Mutants (2009) Movie Review

The threat of a virus born zombie apocalypse comes back to haunt viewers yet again with “Mutants” from French writer...

Army of Crime (2009) Movie Image

Army of Crime (2009) Movie Review

“Army of Crime” is not entertaining. It’s informative, bleak, harrowing and even exciting in some cases, but it’s never entertaining....

Downfall (2004) Movie Image

Downfall (2004) Movie Review

It seems to me that there is a metaphor embedded somewhere in Downfall, transforming what is at first glance just...

Fermat's Room (2007) Movie Image

Fermat’s Room (2007) Movie Review

The Spanish “Fermat’s Room” is the latest in the enduringly popular puzzle thriller genre, which sees characters trapped and being...

Macabre (1980) Movie Image

Macabre (1980) Movie Review

“Macabre” was originally released back in 1980 and marked the debut of Italian horror director Lamberto Bava. The son of...

Martyrs (2008) Movie Image

Martyrs (2008) Movie Review

As Hollywood horror slowly drowns in a mire of teen friendly remakes, over the last few years, it is arguably...

Sleepless (2001) Movie Poster

Sleepless (2001) Movie Review

“Sleepless” was originally released in 2001 and saw legendary horror director Dario Argento returning to the Giallo form in an...

Dead Snow (2009) Movie Image

Dead Snow (2009) Movie Review

When you think horror, you think Norwegians. Okay, maybe not so much, but the Norwegians sure are making a nice...