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Samuel Le Bihan and Nan Yu in Fureur (2003) Movie Image

Fureur (2003) Movie Review

“Fureur” is one strange movie. It’s mostly in French, shot around the Chinatown community in France, and it counts among...

In America (2003) Movie DVD Cover

In America (2003) Movie Review

Irish writer/director Jim Sheridan’s “In America” is about a family haunted by a tragedy that seeks an unfamiliar environment with...

High Tension (2003) Movie DVD Cover

High Tension (2003) Movie Review

The French Slasher movie “Haute Tension” has been re-titled “Switchblade Romance” for its North American release. Why? I don’t know....

Book of Fate (2003) Movie DVD Cover

Book of Fate (2003) Movie Review

Movie anthologies are very hard to critique. With some, like the Japanese “Twilight Zone”-esque “Tales of the Unusual”, I reviewed...

Last Exit (2003) Movie DVD Cover

Last Exit (2003) Movie Review

David Noel Bourke’s “Last Exit”, about an Englishman in Denmark who gets into trouble with some criminal types, is problematic...

Nadia Fares in The Nest (2002) Movie Image

The Nest (2002) Movie Review

2002′s “The Nest” probably surprised a lot of people, myself included, who didn’t think the general French movie industry was...

Kopps (2003) Movie Poster

Kopps (2003) Movie Review

If the premise of the Swedish comedy “Kopps” sounds familiar, it might be because it’s similar to the recent American...

Anatomy 2 (2002) Movie DVD Cover

Anatomy 2 (2002) Movie Review

Despite everything you may have heard, “Anatomy 2″ is not a Teen Slasher film — and in this case, that’s...

Demonium (2001) Movie DVD Cover

Demonium (2001) Movie Review

I knew I was in trouble when the first 12 minutes of “Demonium”, an Italian horror film, involved these scenes:...

Alone (2001) Movie DVD Cover

Alone (2001) Movie Review

I am reasonably certain there was a good movie in the British Serial Killer film “Alone”, but the final product...

Scarfies (1999) Movie Poster

Scarfies (1999) Movie Review

The New Zealand movie “Scarfies” is a good movie only if you can forgive its farcical and truly terrible ending....

Birthday Girl (2001) Movie Poster

Birthday Girl (2001) Movie Review

I don’t think I’m ruining anything by saying that Nicole Kidman (“The Others”) stars in “Birthday Girl” as a Russian...

Dobermann (1997) Movie Poster

Dobermann (1997) Movie Review

It would be a mistake to consider Jan Kounen’s “Dobermann” an actual movie. It’s a 90-minute music video in the...

The Pool (2001) Movie DVD Cover

The Pool (2001) Movie Review

“The Pool” joins the recent spate of German-made Teen Slasher movies to go international. Although the film is made by...

Demons (1985) Movie Poster

Demons (1985) Movie Review

Surprisingly, I had a lot of hope for “Demons”, and was anticipating its first reveal of the demons that would...

Darkness (2002) Movie DVD Cover

Darkness (2002) Movie Review

The new horror movie “Darkness”, not to be confused with “Darkness Falls” (although both films share similar gimmicks involving darkness),...

Deathwatch (2002) Movie Poster

Deathwatch (2002) Movie Review

As further proof of the sad state of horror films nowadays, I give you the British movie “Deathwatch” and the...


Porno Film (2000) Movie Review

Charlie, the protagonist of the Slovenia film “Porno Film”, is so dedicated to his porn viewing that his two friends...

Penelope Cruz in Open Your Eyes (1997) Movie Image

Open Your Eyes (1997) Movie Review

Having seen Cameron Crowe’s American remake of Spaniard Alejandro Amenabar’s “Open Your Eyes” first, it’s inevitable that I would make...