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Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster, Ludcaris, Tyrese Gibson, Gal Gadot, Sung Kang, and Paul Walker in Fast Five (2011) Movie Image

Fast Five (2011) Movie Review

There’s a running theory in my house that The Rock, also known as Dwayne Johnson (sorry buddy, but you’ll always...

Thor (2011) Movie IMAX Poster

Thor (2011) Movie Review

“Thor” probably needs no introduction, but for anyone who hasn’t visited a comic or movie themed website in the last...

Scream 4 (2011) Movie Poster

Scream 4 (2011) Movie Review

Despite my limitless affinity for the horror genre and all the crap it’s thrown my way over the years, I’ve...

Eric Bana and Saoirse Ronan in Hanna (2011) Movie Image

Hanna (2011) Movie Review

In “Hanna” a young girl, oddly enough named Hanna, lives a simple existence in a cabin in the woods with...

Rutger Hauer in Hobo with a Shotgun (2011) Movie Image

Hobo with a Shotgun (2011) Movie Review

Writer/director Jason Eisener’s demented modern-day exploitation actioner “Hobo with a Shotgun” crams more cinematic debauchery into an hour-and-a-half than your...

Jake Gyllenhaal in Source Code (2011) Movie Image

Source Code (2011) Movie Review

Air Force pilot Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) is having a bad day. He’s woken onboard a Chicago commuter train sitting...

Sucker Punch (2011) Movie Image

Sucker Punch (2011) Movie Review

Watching “Sucker Punch” is like watching some creepy old dude’s rape fantasy masquerading as a female empowerment story for young...

Bradley Cooper and Andrew Howard in Limitless (2011) Movie Image

Limitless (2011) Movie Review

If “Limitless” has taught me anything, it’s that drugs are awesome. I mean, really, super, awesome awesome. Besides making you...

Kristen Wiig, Seth Rogen, Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, and Blythe Danner in Paul (2011) Movie Image

Paul (2011) Movie Review

As a concept, “Paul” has more potential than any film to come around the bend in a long, long time....