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Anthony Hopkins in The Rite (2011) Movie Image

The Rite (2011) Movie Review

Here is the biggest problem with “The Rite”. It’s about exorcisms, and every exorcism movie from now until the end...

Teresa Palmer in I am Number Four (2011) Movie Image

Six Clips From I am Number Four

Flashy blue lights and evil alien killers with faces that look like something went wrong while they were under the...


Tron: Legacy (2010) Movie Review

“Tron: Legacy”, Joseph Kosinski’s sequel to the 1982 cult fave “Tron”, starts out promisingly enough. Okay, that’s not entirely true,...


The Fighter (2010) Movie Review

“The Fighter” is a story of comebacks, in life, love, family, and boxing. Directed by David O. Russell, this is...