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Golden Globes

2011 Golden Globe Awards Winners

So, yeah. The Golden Globes. It’s the Awards show that everyone wants to win (cause, come on, who doesn’t like...

KanZeOn (2011) Movie Image

Zipangu Fest Review: KanZeOn (2011)

“KanZeOn”, opening the Japanese Zipangu Festival in London on Friday 18th November, is less a documentary and more a spiritual...

Rachel Weisz and Jude Law in 360 (2011) Movie Image

London Film Festival Review: 360 (2011)

“City of God” and “The Constant Gardener” director Fernando Meirelles returns with “360”, his highly anticipated new outing, fittingly chosen...

Lonely Short Film

MIFFF Short Films Reviews

One of the coolest things about the Maelstrom International Fantastic Movie Festival is the shorts program. There were an absurd...

Caleb Steinmeyer in Boy Wonder (2010) Movie Image

MIFFF Review: Boy Wonder (2010)

Do yourself a favor, go out and find a way to watch “Boy Wonder”. It’ll be totally worth it, promise....

The Selling (2011) Movie Image

MIFFF Review: The Selling (2011)

A big problem with films that present themselves as horror-comedies is that, all too often, they are neither frightening nor...

Midnight Son (2011) Movie Image

MIFFF Review: Midnight Son (2011)

Almost immediately director Scott Leberecht’s new horror film “Midnight Son” calls to mind George Romero’s 1976 movie “Martin”. Both are...