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The Yellow Sea (2010) Movie Image

The Yellow Sea (2010) Movie Review

After his debut film, 2008’s “The Chaser”, Korean director Na Hong-jin was definitely on a lot of people’s radars, mine...

Roger Casamajor and Francesc Colomer in Black Bread (2010) Movie Image

Black Bread (2010) Movie Review

“Black Bread” starts of with a scene of such stunning violence—without giving too much away, it involves a sledgehammer and...

Red Eagle (2010) Movie Image

Red Eagle (2010) Movie Review

If movies like “RoboCop” are to be believed, the near future is going to be a festering cesspool of violence...


Film Shots: Taiwan Cinefest 2011

Taiwan Cinefest, now in its third year, is the largest European Taiwanese film festival, taking place in London and other...

James Pumphrey and Dylan O'Brien in High Road (2011) Movie Image

High Road (2011) Movie Review

For years I’ve used appreciation of “Upright Citizens Brigade” as a litmus test for friendship. That’s not an attempt to...