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Second Sight (1989) Movie Image

Forgotten Action Cinema: Second Sight

Brought to you by the Lorimar Film Entertainment, the company responsible for such unforgettable motion pictures as “Action Jackson”, “The...

Nasty Hero (1987) Movie Image

Forgotten Action Cinema: Nasty Hero

The title to director Nick Barwood’s forgotten 1987 actioner “Nasty Hero” (aka “Avenger”) is a bit misleading. The film’s titular...

City Dragon Movie Image

Forgotten Action Cinema: City Dragon

Director “Philthy” Phil Philips’ 1995 bargain bin classic “City Dragon” is, if nothing else, a truly unique motion picture experience....

Terence Hill in Super Fuzz (1980) Movie Image

Forgotten Action Cinema: Super Fuzz

Honestly, I don’t know what else I could possibly say about director Sergio Corbucci’s insane Italian action/comedy “Super Fuzz” that...

Mark Dacascos in American Samurai (1992) Movie Image

Forgotten Action Cinema: American Samurai

Continuing in their thankless quest to blanket the globe with cheap, run-of-the-mill action pictures, forgotten B-movie mastermind Cannon Films released...

Don The Dragon Wilson in Future Kick (1991) Movie Image

Forgotten Action Cinema: Future Kick

Director Damian Klaus’s 1991 post-apocalyptic epic “Future Kick” is an epic failure. An entertaining failure, mind you, but a failure...

Revolt Pic 4

Forgotten Action Cinema: Revolt

When his brother is savagely murdered attempting to smuggle drugs across the Mexican border, an grieving man with a sweet...

Oblivion (1994) Movie Image

Forgotten Action Cinema: Oblivion

Imagine, if you will, a cheap, second-rate sound stage dressed to resemble a typical Old West-style township, complete with poorly...

Clementine Pic 1

Forgotten Action Cinema: Clementine

Although this particular action-oriented outing is more understandably undiscovered than unfortunately forgotten, I felt its inclusion here was important as...