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Urban Explorers (2011) Movie Image

Urban Explorers (2011) Movie Review

“Urban Explorers” offers a horrific twist on the apparently popular new pastime of urban exploration (also referred to by the...

Downfall (2004) Movie Image

Downfall (2004) Movie Review

It seems to me that there is a metaphor embedded somewhere in Downfall, transforming what is at first glance just...

Tattoo (2002) Movie DVD Cover

Tattoo (2002) Movie Review

The plot is set in Berlin, where a maniac is preying upon people with intricate tattoos, harvesting their skin and...

Anatomy 2 (2002) Movie DVD Cover

Anatomy 2 (2002) Movie Review

Despite everything you may have heard, “Anatomy 2″ is not a Teen Slasher film — and in this case, that’s...

Demonium (2001) Movie DVD Cover

Demonium (2001) Movie Review

I knew I was in trouble when the first 12 minutes of “Demonium”, an Italian horror film, involved these scenes:...

The Pool (2001) Movie DVD Cover

The Pool (2001) Movie Review

“The Pool” joins the recent spate of German-made Teen Slasher movies to go international. Although the film is made by...

Heaven (2002) Movie DVD Cover

Heaven (2002) Movie Review

“Heaven” is the latest film from German Tom Tykwer (“Run Lola Run”), and stars Cate Blanchette (“Bandits”) as Philippa, an...


Bandits (1997) Movie Review

Bandits is a German movie about a rock band made up of 4 different women with only one thing in...


Run Lola Run (1998) Movie Review

“Run Lola Run,” if nothing else, certainly lives up to its billing. Our heroine, played by a orange-haired Franka Potente...