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The Imp (1981) Movie Review

Director Dennis Yu’s “The Imp” is a Hong Kong horror film from the early 1980s, which comes with the heady...


Seoul Raiders (2005) Movie Review

Jingle Ma’s “Seoul Raiders”, the sequel to his semi-hit “Tokyo Raiders”, is not so completely without merit that it finds...


Night Corridor (2003) Movie Review

“Night Corridor” is a film which takes itself very seriously, striving for significance and desperately trying its best to convince...


Leave me Alone (2004) Movie Review

“Leave me Alone” is Danny Pang’s companion piece to brother Oxide’s “Ab-normal Beauty”, the two films linked by a tragic...


Distinctive (2002) Movie Review

In times like these, when Western cinema screens are plagued with vapid, money grabbing remakes of vastly superior Asian films,...


Kung Fu Hustle (2005) Movie Review

There hasn’t been a more highly anticipated film in recent years than “Kung Fu Hustle”, the latest action/comedy offering from...


Deadly Camp (1999) Movie Review

Along with the likes of “Bloody Beach” and “The Record”, “The Deadly Camp” is another Eastern take on that most...


Devil Touch (2002) Movie Review

Director Billy Tang is best known for category III classics such as “Red to Kill” and “Dr. Lamb”, and since...


Dr. Lamb (1992) Movie Review

“Dr. Lamb” is a classic of the category III genre, and one of its most influential, trailblazing films, which helped...

A-1  dvd

A-1 (2004) Movie Review

“A-1″ proves my theory that any movie with Anthony Wong in a prominent role can’t possibly be bad. More old...

Three: Extremes (2004) Movie Poster

Three: Extremes (2004) Movie Review

The release of the Asian horror anthology “Three…Extremes” on DVD comes as a bit of a dilemma to international moviegoers...


2046 (2004) Movie Review

It’s always been one of my biggest regrets that I haven’t cultured myself sufficiently to the point where I can...


The Longest Nite (1997) Movie Review

Hong Kong action films commonly have a strong moralistic streak, whether they are of the ‘heroic bloodshed’ genre typified by...


Trilogy of Lust 2 (1996) Movie Review

It’s not easy championing Category III films, and trying to convince people of the entertainment value of exploitation shockers such...


Suzhou River (2000) Movie Review

Following the global success of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, viewers in the West have witnessed a revived interest in the...