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The Tall Man (2012) Movie Image

The Tall Man (2012) Movie Review

Frenchman Pascal Laugier, the writer/director of 2008′s gruesome revenge thriller “Martyrs”, turns his attention to the American Pacific Northwest in...

ParaNorman (2012) Movie Image

ParaNorman (2012) Movie Review

Packaged and marketed as a kid’s movie, “ParaNorman”, the new stop-motion animated offering from Laika—the folks behind “Coraline”—is everything you...

Chrissie Chau in Any Other Side (2012) Movie Image

Any Other Side (2012) Movie Review

Also known by the decidedly more fitting name “Nightclub Suspense Tale”, “Any Other Side” is another Chinese omnibus of ghostly...

Cyclops in Monster Brawl (2011) Movie Image

Monster Brawl (2011) Movie Review

Arriving soon on region 2 DVD through Momentum is “Monster Brawl”, a film revolving around the wacky, though oddly logical...

Lisa Vidal in Dark Mirror (2007) Movie Image

Dark Mirror (2007) Movie Review

Originally unleashed back in 2007, “Dark Mirror” is a low key psychodrama horror, which now makes a belated arrival on...

Bel Delia in The Tunnel (2011) Movie Image

The Tunnel (2011) Movie Review

“The Tunnel”, out shortly on region 2 UK DVD via Arrow Films, is an Australian horror of the found footage...

Kang-ho Song in Howling (2012) Movie Image

Howling (2012) Movie Review

Despite its title and killer canine premise, “Howling” isn’t a werewolf horror, but a crime mystery based upon the award...

V/H/S (2012) Movie Image

V/H/S (2012) Movie Review

“V/H/S” is a weird movie because I enjoy it much more in retrospect than I did sitting in the theater....

Intira Jaroenpura in The House (2007) Movie Image

The House (2007) Movie Review

“The House” is a Thai horror directed by Monthon Arayangkoon, who also helmed supernatural thriller “The Victim” and the giant...

Zombie 108 (2012) Movie Image

Zombie 108 (2012) Movie Review

Originally screened at the 2012 Terracotta Far East Film Festival. Updated with UK Region 2 DVD release info. Taiwanese cinema...

Airborne (2012) Movie Poster

Airborne (2012) Movie Review

“Airborne” is a Brit horror directed by Dominic Burns (“Cut”), whose main draw is probably the presence of “Star Wars”...