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Nightmare (2011) Movie Image

Nightmare (2011) Movie Review

“Nightmare” is a film immediately of interest as one of the rare horror efforts to emerge from Mainland China, where...

Tomie Unlimited (2012) Movie Image

Tomie: Unlimited (2011) Movie Review

The name Noboru Iguchi is synonymous with balls-out, gore-soaked cinematic insanity. The guy has cranked out some seriously warped motion...

Ashley Bracken in Evidence (2011) Movie Image.jpg

Evidence (2011) Movie Review

Yet more found footage horror arrives in the form of the unimaginatively titled “Evidence”, from director Howie Askins and writer/star...

Robert Nolan in Familiar (2012) Movie Image

Familiar (2011) Movie Review

From producer Zach Green and writer/director Richard Powell, the duo responsible for the darkly comical genre short “Worm”, comes the...

Ji-won Ha and Sung-kee Ahn in Sector 7 (2011) Movie Image

Sector 7 (2011) Movie Review #2

“Sector 7” is a big budget Korean monster film, charting the struggle between the crew of an offshore oilrig and...

Angelica Lee in Sleepwalker (2011) Movie Image

Sleepwalker (2011) Movie Review

“Sleepwalker” is the latest solo effort from Oxide Pang, one half of the twin brother directorial duo still best known...

The Divide (2011) Movie Image

The Divide (2011) Movie Review

I like Xavier Gens. I really do. His 2007 horror flick “Frontier(s)” is one seriously horrifying experience, and that’s high...

Brooke Hogan and Eric Scott Woods in Sand Sharks (2011) Movie Image

Sand Sharks (2011) Movie Review

The search for the bottom of the creature feature barrel continues with “Sand Sharks”, a film which explores the long...

The Road (2011) Movie Image

The Road (2012) Movie Review

The thing that I loved the most about “The Echo” director Yam Laranas’ latest supernatural chiller “The Road” is that...

The Baron (2011) Movie Image

The Baron (2011) Movie Review

“The Baron” is a Portuguese film shot in retro-modern-scope, in glorious high contrast Black and White, boasting to be “a...

Timothy Gibbs in 11-11-11 (2011) Movie Image

11-11-11 (2011) Movie Review

Bestselling novelist Joseph Crone (Timothy Gibbs) is having a dickens of a time. Not all that long ago, a crazed...

Ghastly (2011) Movie Image

Ghastly (2011) Movie Review

The excellently titled “Ghastly” is the latest of the 2011 Korean summer horrors to hit DVD and is another dealing...

The Cat (2011) Movie Image

The Cat (2011) Movie Review

Korean horror takes a furry, feline turn with “The Cat”, from writer director Byun Seung Wook (“Solace”), pitting television actress...