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Sector 7 (2011) Movie Image

Sector 7 (2011) Movie Review

After spending so much time covering director Kim Ji-hoon’s deep sea monster movie “Sector 7″, you’d think that my lofty...

Stiffed (2010) Movie Image

Stiffed (2010) Movie Review

Small-time criminals become undead armed robbers — it’s a concept so simple in design that I’m surprised the scenario hasn’t...

Lindsey Shaw in The Howling Reborn (2011) Movie Image

The Howling Reborn (2011) Movie Review

I totally expected writer/director Joe Nimziki’s werewolf-related love story “The Howling Reborn” to be a complete waste of time, and...

Mary Elizabeth Winstead in The Thing (2011) Movie Image

The Thing (2011) Movie Review

Antarctica is a great setting for a horror movie. You’re in the most remote, desolate, deadly corner of the planet,...

Pollyanna McIntosh in The Woman (2011) Movie Image

The Woman (2011) Movie Review #2

Having whipped up a storm of controversy on its travels round various festivals, including an amusingly over the top reaction...

Pollyanna McIntosh in The Woman (2011) Movie Image

The Woman (2011) Movie Review

I’ve spent a lot of time watching extreme cinema, ranging from the mild to the balls-out insane. Rarely have I...

Rachelle Lefevre in The Caller (2011) Movie Image

The Caller (2011) Movie Review

I think old-fashioned rotary telephones are creepy as hell. I’m not even kidding. Does my overwhelming fear of this antiquated...

Emilie Dequenne in The Pack (2010) Movie Image

The Pack (2010) Movie Review #2

The first twenty minutes of writer/director Franck Richard’s atmospheric horror flick “The Pack” (aka “La meute”) are pretty standard stuff,...

Liquid Memories (2010) Movie Image 3

Liquid Memories (2010) Movie Review

How do I even begin to describe director Jimmy ScreamerClauz’s 2010 animated horror outing “Liquid Memories”? Attempting to do so...

Lonely Short Film

MIFFF Short Films Reviews

One of the coolest things about the Maelstrom International Fantastic Movie Festival is the shorts program. There were an absurd...

The Selling (2011) Movie Image

MIFFF Review: The Selling (2011)

A big problem with films that present themselves as horror-comedies is that, all too often, they are neither frightening nor...

Midnight Son (2011) Movie Image

MIFFF Review: Midnight Son (2011)

Almost immediately director Scott Leberecht’s new horror film “Midnight Son” calls to mind George Romero’s 1976 movie “Martin”. Both are...

Anya in Mysterious Island (2011) Movie Image

Mysterious Island (2011) Movie Review

“Mysterious Island” from director Chung Kai Cheung (who worked on “A-1 Headline” with Gordon Chan) is probably best described as...

Natalie Zea in Insight (2011) Movie Image

InSight (2011) Movie Review

“InSight” is a twisty, manipulative, and surprisingly unpredictable thriller from actor/director Richard Gabai, whose credits up to now have been...

The Unborn Child (2011) Movie Image

The Unborn Child (2011) Movie Review

Let’s get one thing straight: Director Poj Arnon’s 2011 supernatural thriller “The Unborn Child” (aka “2002 Unborn Children”) is more...