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Henry Cavill, Dominic Purcell and Emma Booth in Blood Creek (2009) Movie Image

Blood Creek (2009) Movie Review

Director Joel Schumacher’s insanely underrated action/horror hybrid “Blood Creek” (aka “Town Creek”) is another unfortunate title that has been needlessly...

Paul Bettany in Priest (2011) Movie Image

Priest (2011) Movie Review

Being soldiers of God rocks. You get superhuman strength, speed, agility, and mastery of all kinds of cool bladed weapons...

Helldriver (2010) Movie Poster

Helldriver (2010) Movie Review

Japanese production house Sushi Typhoon returns with more blood soaked insanity in “Helldriver”, directed by “Tokyo Gore Police” and “Vampire...

Lin Shaye in Insidious (2010) Movie Image

Insidious (2010) Movie Review

Made on the cheap (as far as Hollywood budgets go, anyway) with a $1.5 million production budget, James Wan’s “Insidious”...

Dinoshark (2010) Movie DVD Cover

Dinoshark (2010) Movie Review

Why does it feel like this review should be written in capital letters? Perhaps this is just the influence of...

Scream 4 (2011) Movie Poster

Scream 4 (2011) Movie Review

Despite my limitless affinity for the horror genre and all the crap it’s thrown my way over the years, I’ve...

Sweatshop (2009) Movie Image

Sweatshop (2009) Movie Review

Goth horror “Sweatshop” is about as straightforward as they come, revolving around a gang of hard-partying freaks who fall foul...

Yamagata Scream (2009) Movie Image

Yamagata Scream (2009) Movie Review

Insane Japanese horror comedy “Yamagata Scream” sees popular actor Takenaka Naoto taking up the directorial reins once again, for a...

Husk (2011) Movie Image

Husk (2011) Movie Review

A group of friends are on their way to a lake house vacation spot when their car crashes. Stranded, they...

Bedevilled (2010) Movie Image

Bedevilled (2010) Movie Review

“Bedevilled” emerged as one of the most hard hitting and accomplished films from Korea in 2010, a shocking and unforgettable...

Prowl (2010) Movie Image

Prowl (2010) Movie Review

Teenager Amber (Courtney Hope) hates her small hometown. I mean, really, really hates it. She’s feeling so suffocated by the...

Florencia Colucci in The Silent House (2010) Movie Image

The Silent House (2010) Movie Review

Real life Uruguayan horror “The Silent House” (“La Casa Muda”) from director Gustavo Hernández has caused a considerable stir on...

Roid Rage (2011) Movie Image

Roid Rage (2011) Movie Review

Ryan Lightbourn is a sick bastard. His 2011 action-packed short flick “Roid Rage” packs so much carnage into such a...

Absentia (2011) Movie Image

Absentia (2011) Movie Review

I’m just going to lay it right there on the table: Writer/director Mike Flanagan’s 2010 horror outing “Absentia” is a...

Midnight FM (2010) Movie Image

Midnight FM (2010) Movie Review

“Midnight FM” is a Korean suspense thriller with real star power in the form of leads Soo Ae (“Sunny”) and...

Haze (2005) Movie Image

Haze (2005) Movie Review

In this day and age, it’s very rare for a horror movie to scare me. Having spent nearly two decades...