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Gwyneth Paltrow, Robert Downey Jr., Sam Rockwell, and Leslie Bibb in Iron Man 2 (2010) Movie Image

A Small Glimpse at Iron Man 2

And I really mean small. This isn’t even a teaser trailer. It’s the promo for the teaser trailer, so it’s...

Stan Lee

Stan Lee Likes Doing Cameos

Stan Lee has become the Where’s Waldo of cameos. It’s a kind of past-time just to identify him in each...

Scarlett Johansson in Iron Man 2 (2010) Movie Image

New Batch of Iron Man 2 Images

Here’s the latest batch of “Iron Man 2″ images. Most of these you probably already saw in various degrees of...

Robert Downey Jr. and Leslie Bibb in Iron Man (2008) Movie Image

Leslie Bibb Confirms Iron Man 2 Role

According to actress Leslie Bibb, who plays enterprising reporter Christine Everhart in the first “Iron Man” movie, she will definitely...

Sam Jackson

No Action for Jackson in Iron Man 2

In 1988′s “Action Jackson”, Carl Weathers played tough as nails Detroit cop named Sgt. Jericho ‘Action’ Jackson, who lives up...

Stan Lee

Stan the Man Lee in Iron Man 2

It’s like Hitchcock and his movies: you can’t have a comic book movie based on a Marvel character without Stan...