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Jun'ichi Okada and Eikura Nana in Library Wars (2013) Movie Image

Library Wars (2013) Movie Review

The oddly titled blockbuster “Library Wars” really does offer just that, depicting the armed struggle between paramilitary librarians and fascist...

Fukuyama Masaharu in Midsummer's Equation (2013) Movie Image

Midsummer’s Equation (2013) Movie Review

Japanese detective and logic loving scientist Dr. Yukawa returns in “Midsummer’s Equation”, following on from the highly successful “Galileo” television...

Ryuhei Matsuda in The Great Passage (2013) Movie Image

The Great Passage (2013) Movie Review

Japanese director Ishii Yuya returns with “The Great Passage”, following up on his popular “Mitsuko Delivers” and “Sawako Decides” with...

Atsuko Maeda in The Complex (2013) Movie Image

The Complex (2013) Movie Review

Nakata Hideo of “Ringu” fame returns again to the supernatural with “The Complex”, following up on “The Incite Mill” and...

Rina Takeda in Dead Sushi (2012) Movie Image

Dead Sushi (2012) Movie Review #2

Iguchi Noboru offers up another serving of wacky Japanese splatter with “Dead Sushi”, in which unfortunate diners at a rural...

Platinum Data (2013) Movie Poster

Platinum Data (2013) Movie Review

DNA profiling changes the face of crime fighting in sci-fi tinged Japanese blockbuster “Platinum Data”, directed by “Rurouni Kenshin” helmer...

Tokyo Family (2013) Movie Image

Tokyo Family (2013) Movie Review

There are few films as revered and respected as Ozu Yasujiro’s 1953 “Tokyo Story”, regularly selected by critics the world...

Outrage Beyond (2012) Movie Image

Outrage Beyond (2012) Movie Review

Japanese legend Kitano Takeshi returns to the Yakuza genre once again with “Outrage Beyond”, the follow up to his 2010...

Aoi Yu in Penance (2012) Movie Image

Penance (2012) Movie Review

Japanese master of quiet suspense and disquieting unease Kurosawa Kiyoshi returns with “Penance”, an adaptation of the 2009 novel “Shokuzai”...

Abe Sadao and Matsu Takako in Dreams for Sale (2012) Movie Image

Dreams for Sale (2012) Movie Review

“Dreams for Sale” is the latest film from Japanese writer/director Nishikawa Miwa, a hard hitting drama which follows a husband...

Wolf Children (2012) Movie Image

Wolf Children (2012) Movie Review

Although Hayao Miyazaki and his Studio Ghibli colleagues are still the most famous purveyors of Japanese animation, a number of...

Dead Sushi (2012) Movie Image

Dead Sushi (2012) Movie Review

Let me preface this review by saying that I absolutely adore the work of director Noboru Iguchi. From where I’m...