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Dragon Head (2003) Movie DVD

Dragon Head (2003) Movie Review

George Iida’s “Dragon Head” opens with high school student Teru (Satoshi Tsumabuki) waking up inside a bullet train. Teru is...

The Battling Angel (2003) Movie DVD Cover

The Battling Angel (2003) Movie Review

Ishould really stop watching Japanese movies that sells itself as “action” because, invariably, I am disappointed. “The Battling Angel” follows...

Ghost System (2002) Movie Poster

Ghost System (2002) Movie Review

Although it clocks in at just a shade over 70 minutes, writer/director Toshikazu Nagae’s “Ghost System” really has no business...

Alive (2002) Movie Poster

Alive (2002) Movie Review

It’s no surprise at all that Ryuhei Kitamura chose “Alive” as his first film post-”Versus”. Whereas that low-budget zombie/yakuza film...

Cat Soup (2003) Movie DVD

Cat Soup (2003) Movie Review

Tatsuo Sato’s “Cat Soup” is an odd brew. And because it’s such a short experiment in bizarre visuals, giving this...

Moon Child (2003) Movie DVD

Moon Child (2003) Movie Review

Takahisa Zeze’s “Moon Child” is artistically very satisfying, but is unfortunately very generic. Gackt Camui, a big pop star in...

I.K.U. (2000) Movie DVD

I.K.U. (2000) Movie Review

“I.K.U.” is written and directed by Shu Lea Cheang — who, if my name recognition skills is correct, is Chinese...

Versus (2000) Movie DVD

Versus (2000) Movie Review

What “Versus” gives in place of a storyline is this: apparently there is a portal to some unknown dimension that...


Sanjuro (1962) Movie Review

Sanjuro is the sequel to Akira Kurosawa’s Yojimbo, and returns star Toshiro Mifune as the title character. In this installment,...

Hush! (2001) Movie DVD Cover

Hush! (2001) Movie Review

I hate to admit it, but sometimes watching an Asian drama, most notably those from China, Japan, and South Korea,...

Kite (1998) Movie Poster

Kite (1998) Movie Review

Yasuomi Umetsu’s one-hour animation, “Kite” (which is actually compiled from 2 25-minute episodes), suffers from what I like to call...

Zipang (1992) Movie Poster

Zipang (1992) Movie Review

Kaizo Hayasahi’s “Zipang” isn’t bad, it’s just irrelevant. There isn’t really much to say about “Zipang” other than that you...