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Returner (2002) Movie DVD Cover

Returner (2002) Movie Review

Sometimes there’s just no real reason for a movie to be in the first place. Take the South Korean movie...

Freeze Me (2000) Movie Poster

Freeze Me (2000) Movie Review

With “Freeze Me”, I’m reasonably certain writer/director Takashi Ishii is trying to make a statement about the hardships of being...

Owls' Castle (1999) Movie DVD

Owls’ Castle (1999) Movie Review

Having more in common with Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator” than the Japanese ninja movie “Red Shadow”, Masahiro Shinoda’s “Owls’ Castle” has...

Junk (1999) Movie dvd

Junk (1999) Movie Review

Do you know who George Romero is? If the answer is Yes, then can you list all 3 titles of...

Another Heaven (2000) Movie Poster

Another Heaven (2000) Movie Review

Joji Iida’s “Another Heaven” is a standard “X-Files”-inspired movie about cops chasing a more-than-human killer, but it makes the mistake...

Gojoe (2000) Movie Poster

Gojoe (2000) Movie Review

I am a sucker for Japanese Samurai movies, but lately I’ve been disappointed by what I’ve seen. “Red Shadow” was...

Waterboys (2001) Movie Poster

Waterboys (2001) Movie Review

The Japanese film “Waterboys” is a mixture of “The Bad News Bears” and “The Full Monty,” in which misfits attempt...

Kamikaze Taxi (1995) Movie Poster

Kamikaze Taxi (1995) Movie Review

I’ve always found Japanese culture to be intriguing, not by what’s “out there” but rather by what’s hidden “under the...

Cure (1997) Movie Poster

Cure (1997) Movie Review

The most surprisingly thing about Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Cure is just how average it is. The film is a crime drama,...

Audition (1999) Movie DVD Cover

Audition (1999) Movie Review

I’ve been hearing filmmaker Takashi Miike’s name for a while now. The man is apparently the biggest thing to come...

April Story (1998) Movie Poster

April Story (1998) Movie Review

The Japanese film April Story, besides having an annoyingly sweet soundtrack, is a 1-hour film. It is a romance film...

Whiteout (2000) Movie Poster

Whiteout (2000) Movie Review

Setsurou Wakamatsu’s Whiteout is a Die Hard In A… Movie, with a vehicle, location, or situation put in place of...


Uzumaki (2000) Movie Review

Uzumaki is the story of highschooler Kirie, who opens the film with a brief voiceover introduction. We learn that Kirie...


Wild Zero (2000) Movie Review

When he set out to make what would later become a horror film classic, George Romero, through sheer will and...