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Robo-G (2012) Movie Image

Robo-G (2012) Movie Review

Although it may sound like a film following the exploits of a robotic gangster, “Robo-G” is in fact a Japanese...

Sawajiri Erika in Helter Skelter (2012) Movie Image

Helter Skelter (2012) Movie Review

Quite possibly the best looking and most hysterical film of 2012, “Helter Skelter” marked the return of Japanese director and...

Sadako (2012) Movie Image

Sadako (2012) Movie Review

Has it really been nigh on 15 years since the world of horror was changed by a small girl with...

Smuggler (2011) Movie Image

Smuggler (2011) Movie Review

Shohei Manabe’s manga “Smuggler” makes it to the big screen courtesy of director Katsuhito Ishii, previously known for varied and...

Cocco in Kotoko (2011) Movie Image

Kotoko (2011) Movie Review

Japanese auteur and cult favourite Shinya Tsukamoto returns with “Kotoko”, combining the apocalyptic style of his classic “Tetsuo” films with...

Anne Suzuki in The Egoists (2011) Movie Image

The Egoists (2011) Movie Review

Japanese director Hiroki Ryuichi has had a pretty fascinating career, starting off in Pinku films, before being hailed in the...

Shôta Matsuda in Hard Romanticker (2011) Movie Image

Hard Romanticker (2011) Movie Review

The excellently titled “Hard Romanticker” takes a (very) violent look at the Zainichi (Korean-Japanese) criminal underworld and youth gang battles,...

Shinohara Ryoko in Unfair - The Answer (2011) Movie Image

Unfair: The Answer (2011) Movie Review

The popular Japanese “Unfair” franchise continues with “Unfair: The Answer”, the latest big screen outing based upon the popular Fuji...

Fumi Nikaidô and Shôta Sometani in Himizu (2011) Movie Image

Himizu (2011) Movie Review

Japanese auteur, poet and cult favourite director Sono Sion (“Love Exposure”) returns with “Himizu” (which translates as ‘mole’), another tale...

Eita in Monsters Club (2011) Movie Image

Monsters Club (2011) Movie Review

Screened at the 2012 Terracotta Far East Film Festival. Japanese auteur Toshiaki Toyoda returns with “Monsters Club”, following up the...

Gyo (2012) Movie Image

Gyo (2012) Movie Review

Screened at the 2012 Terracotta Far East Film Festival. “Gyo” is an OVA anime adaptation of the horror manga by...

Yuri Nakamura and Mina Fujii in Kyofu (2010) Movie Image

Kyofu (2010) Movie Review

“Kyofu” marks the end of the “J-Horror Theater” Japanese horror series, brainchild of famed producer Takashige Ichise, the man behind...

Tomokazu Miura and Jo Odagiri in Adrift in Tokyo (2007) Movie Image

Adrift in Tokyo (2007) Movie Review

“Adrift in Tokyo” (released domestically as “Tenten”) is a 2007 outing from cult favourite director Satoshi Miki, who has been...

Tomie Unlimited (2012) Movie Image

Tomie: Unlimited (2011) Movie Review

The name Noboru Iguchi is synonymous with balls-out, gore-soaked cinematic insanity. The guy has cranked out some seriously warped motion...

Keiko Kitagawa in Paradise Kiss (2011) Movie Image

Paradise Kiss (2011) Movie Review

More manga hits the screen with “Paradise Kiss”, a live action version of the popular comic from “Nana” creator Yazawa...