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KanZeOn (2011) Movie Image

Zipangu Fest Review: KanZeOn (2011)

“KanZeOn”, opening the Japanese Zipangu Festival in London on Friday 18th November, is less a documentary and more a spiritual...

I Wish (2011) Movie Image

I Wish (2011) Movie Review

Japanese director Kore-eda Hirokazu returns with “I Wish” (the film’s Japanese title is “Kiseki”, which translates as “Miracle”), a heart...

Mika Hijii in Rogue Ninja (2009) Movie Image

Rogue Ninja (2009) Movie Review

“Rogue Ninja” (aka “Fugitive Ninja”) is an earlier outing from “Aliens vs. Ninja” director Seiji Chiba, originally unleashed back in...

Rinko Kikuchi and Ken'ichi Matsuyama in Norwegian Wood (2010) Movie Image

Norwegian Wood (2010) Movie Review

As all supposedly unfilmable novels inevitably seem to, a cinematic Murakami Haruki’s “Norwegian Wood” finally arrived in 2010, some 23...

Caterpillar (2010) Movie Image 3

Caterpillar (2010) Movie Review

Wakamatsu Koji is a fascinating figure, not only one of the most famous and lauded directors in the uniquely Japanese...

Yakuza Weapon (2011) Movie Image

Yakuza Weapon (2011) Movie Review

Tak Sakaguchi, still probably best known for his iconic performance in Ryûhei Kitamura’s classic “Versus”, returns with “Yakuza Weapon”, an...

Gantz (2011) Movie Image

Gantz (2011) Movie Review

One of the biggest and most eagerly awaited Japanese blockbusters for some time arrives in the form of the explosive...

Rina Takeda in Karate Girl (2011) Movie Image

Karate Girl (2011) Movie Review

Real life Ryukyu Shorin-ryu Karate champion turned action movie actress Rina Takeda follows up her debut “High Kick Girl!” with...

Helldriver (2010) Movie Poster

Helldriver (2010) Movie Review

Japanese production house Sushi Typhoon returns with more blood soaked insanity in “Helldriver”, directed by “Tokyo Gore Police” and “Vampire...

Pandemic (2009) Movie Poster

Pandemic (2009) Movie Review

“Pandemic” sees Japanese cinema again taking on the time honoured disaster movie formula, this time with the tale of a...

Yamagata Scream (2009) Movie Image

Yamagata Scream (2009) Movie Review

Insane Japanese horror comedy “Yamagata Scream” sees popular actor Takenaka Naoto taking up the directorial reins once again, for a...

13 Assassins (2010) Movie Image

13 Assassins (2010) Movie Review

Prolific cult Japanese auteur Miike Takashi returns with perhaps his most ambitious work yet in “13 Assassins”, a remake of...

Takeshi Kitano in Outrage (2010) Movie Image

Outrage (2010) Movie Review

In a move that will no doubt please fans of “Violent Cop”, “Sonatine” and his other early works, acclaimed Japanese...

Summer Wars (2009) Movie Image

Summer Wars (2009) Movie Review

Anime. It’s the one medium that I know that can flawlessly integrate genres to create some of the most original...

Cold Fish (2010) Movie Image

Cold Fish (2010) Movie Review

Former poet Sono Sion, easily one of the most consistently interesting and original directors working in the world today, returns...