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Confessions (2010) Movie Image

Confessions (2010) Movie Review

Japanese writer director Tetsuya Nakashima follows up his critically acclaimed cult hits “Kamikaze Girls” and “Memories of Matsuko” with something...

Assault Girls (2009) Movie Image

Assault Girls (2009) Movie Review

It takes a lot for me to hate a movie these days. Bad acting, poor direction, weak scripts, low-rent computer-generated...

Tokyo Gore School (2009) Movie Poster

Tokyo Gore School (2009) Movie Review

The imaginatively titled “Tokyo Gore School” is the latest outing for director Yohei Fukuda, who previously helmed the somewhat popular...

Goemon (2009) Movie Image

Goemon (2009) Movie Review

Five years after making his eyeball-searing debut with “Casshern”, former Japanese fashion photographer and music video director Kiriya Kazuaki returns...

Robo-Geisha (2009) Movie Poster

Robo-Geisha (2009) Movie Review

“Machine Girl” director Iguchi Noboru returns with more unfettered craziness in the form of “Robo Geisha”, a film which has...

White Night (2009) Movie Poster

White Night (2009) Movie Review

The Japanese crime novel “Byakuyako” by author Higashino Keigo’s gets its second screen outing with the Korean film “White Night”,...

Rain Fall (2009) Movie Image

Rain Fall (2009) Movie Review

Based on the novel by author Barry Eisler, “Dance of the Dragon” director Max Mannix’s 2009 political thriller “Rain Fall”...