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Boat (2009) Movie Image

Boat (2009) Movie Review

“Boat” is a Korean Japanese co-production charting the experiences and cross cultural friendship of a couple of smugglers, and was...

Oppai Volleyball (2009) Movie Image

Oppai Volleyball (2009) Movie Review

All that most male viewers probably need to know is that “Oppai Volleyball” translates as ‘breast volleyball’ and that it...

Samurai Princess (2009) Movie Image

Samurai Princess (2009) Movie Review

More Japanese gore madness arrives from 4Digital Asia in the shapely form of “Samurai Princess”, the cover art not coincidently...

Big Man Japan (2007) Movie Image

Big Man Japan (2007) Movie Review

“Big Man Japan”, now available on region 2 DVD via Revolver, marks the directorial debut of noted Japanese comedian Hitoshi...

Dororo (2007) Movie Image

Dororo (2007) Movie Review

Manga adaptations have been hitting Japanese screens en masse in recent years, though fantasy sword epic “Dororo” does at least...

Grotesque (2009) Movie Image

Grotesque (2009) Movie Review

In these post-’”Hostel” days, with the so called torture porn genre having largely taken over the horror field, viewers have...

Ichi (2008) Movie Image

Ichi (2008) Movie Review

“Ichi” has an interesting premise, being a reimagining of the enduringly popular Japanese tale of Zatoichi, the blind masseur and...

Eriko Sato in Cutie Honey (2004) Movie Image

Cutie Honey (2004) Movie Review

A live action version of the enduringly popular Japanese manga and anime series, “Cutie Honey” was directed by Hideaki Anno...


Kite Liberator (2008) Movie Review

The original “Kite” was a controversial, yet fascinating exercise in style and mood. Thematically similar to Luc Besson’s near-classic “Le...


Bright Future (2003) DVD Review

“Bright Future” is a recent effort from acclaimed Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosawa, finally released on region 2 DVD via Tartan....

Ballad of Narayama (1958) Movie DVD Cover

Ballad of Narayama (1958) Movie Review

Here comes a classic: “a beautiful and meditative tale of love and humanity that explores traditional Japanese cultural values,” as...