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Shikoku movie dvd

Shikoku (1999) Movie Review

“Shikoku” could easily be discarded as ‘yet another long black haired ghost story from Japan’, but please bear with me,...


Aegis (2005) Movie Review

Given the pedigree of “Aegis”, it’s no surprise the film is little more than a (barely) covert stab at nationalistic...


Dead Leaves (2004) Movie Review

“Over the top’ is an expression loosely thrown about by film critics to describe anything a little too far out...

Kamikaze Girls (2004) Movie Image

Kamikaze Girls (2004) Movie Review

Sometimes animated, sometimes strange, but always entertaining, “Kamikaze Girls” belong with recent Japanese fare such as “Swing Girls”, “Waterboys”, and...

Steamboy (2004) Movie DVD Cover

Steamboy (2004) Movie Review

It’s Manchester, England, and the year is 1866, sometime during the Industrial Revolution. Our hero, mechanical whiz kid Ray Steam,...


Bright Future (2003) Movie Review

“Bright Future” is a recent effort from acclaimed Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosawa, best known for horror films such as “Kairo”...

Izo (2004) Movie DVD Cover

Izo (2004) Movie Review

It’s tough for me to approach a Takashi Miike film without certain preconceived notions that may color my view. I’m...


Dolls (2004) Movie Review

“Dolls” is a film which represents a change of pace for legendary Japanese filmmaker Takeshi Kitano, a man best known...