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Red Shadow (2001) Movie Review

Hiroyuki Nakano’s “Red Shadow” is a rather oddball picture. It’s not exactly a samurai film, not really a ninja film,...

Zatoichi (2003) Movie DVD Cover

Zatoichi (2003) Movie Review

At last, the review of Kitano Takeshi’s “Zatoichi” remake is now online. I’ve had the DVD in my possession for...

2LDK dvd

2LDK (2003) Movie Review

Like “Aragami”, the other half of the 2-movie “Duel” series (read the review of “Aragami” for an explanation), Yukihiko Tsutsumi’s...


Blue Spring (2001) Movie Review

For anyone with delusions that Japanese high schools are orderly and filled with overly studious teens, “Blue Spring” is sure...

Sky High (2003) Movie DVD

Sky High (2003) Movie Review

Don’t you just hate it when you’re about to get married and a serial killer and his evil assistant crashes...

Sabu (2002) Movie DVD Cover

Sabu (2002) Movie Review

Apparently Takashi Miike is capable of more than just throwing gobs and gobs of blood, bodyparts, S&M, and the senseless...


Mezzo Forte (2001) Movie Review

Except for two explicit sex scenes that have no real relevance with the narrative, Yasuomi Umetsu’s “Mezzo Forte” might just...

Aragami (2003) Movie DVD Cover

Aragami (2003) Movie Review

I must confess to being a bit disappointed by writer/director Ryuhei Kitamura’s output since his breakthrough hit “Versus”. His films...