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Lockout (2012) Movie Review

If you’ve been jonesin’ for a little Snake Plissken in your cinematic diet of late, have no fear, Snow is...

Guy Pearce in Lockout (2012) Movie Image

Giveaway: Lockout Prize Pack

Mark my words, kids, Guy Pearce’s Snow is gonna be your new Snake Plissken. Minus, you know, the whole eyepatch...

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Watch the First 5 Minutes of Lockout

Ahead of its release next Friday, the good folks behind the sci-fi actioner “Lockout” have released the film’s first five...

Lockout (2012) Movie Poster gallery

New Poster for Lockout is Packin’ Heat

New poster for Guy Pearce’s “Lockout”. Yes, “Lockout”. Not “Lock-Out”. Or “MS One: Maximum Security”. It looks like Luc Besson...