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Dong (2006) Movie DVD Cover

Dong (2006) Movie Review

“Dong” is a companion piece to Chinese director Jia Zhangke’s prize winning “Still Life”, and both played at the 2006...

The Knot (2006) Movie DVD Cover

The Knot (2006) Movie Review

“The Knot” is of some significance in being the first joint blockbuster production between Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan,...


Still Life (2006) Movie Review

“Still Life”, the latest film from Sixth Generation Chinese director Jia Zhangke, caused a stir in 2006 as a last...


Peacock (2005) Movie Review

Although the likes of “Curse of the Golden Flower” and other glamorous, big budget costume epics have grabbed headlines with...


The Banquet (2006) Movie Review

It’s hard not to look upon Mainland Chinese director Feng Xiaogang’s latest film “The Banquet” without a certain cynicism, since...


Cell Phone (2003) Movie Review

With his big budget opus “The Banquet” having emerged as one of the most talked about films of 2006, it’s...


Crazy Stone (2006) Movie Review

“Crazy Stone” is the latest offering from Hong Kong megastar Andy Lau’s “FOCUS: First Cuts”, a scheme designed to help...


The Banquet (2006) Movie Review

Over two hours of running time, the most extravagant costumes, eye-catching opulent sets, elaborate fight choreography, and currently the most...

The Promise (2005) Movie DVD Cover

The Promise (2005) Movie Review

Chen Kaige’s “The Promise” arrives in a year crowded with Asian big-budget martial arts epics, counting among the competition Jackie...


Xanda (2003) Movie Review

“South Park” once did an episode where they made fun of Sports Movie cliché, including the biggest clich’ of the...


Hero (2003) Movie Review

Much of your ability to appreciate the finer points of Zhang Yimou’s “Hero” depends on your knowledge of Chinese culture...