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The Lackey (2012) Movie Image

The Lackey (2012) Movie Review

As much as I love movies that find actors flipping through the air like poorly-animated action figures, sometimes I just...

Peter Ho in Cold Steel (2011) Movie Image

Cold Steel (2011) Movie Review

Noted editor and director David Wu blasted back into Chinese cinemas in 2011 with “Cold Steel”, a wartime sniper thriller...

Trance (2013) Movie Image

Trance (2013) Movie Review

Dark, brutal, hypnotic; these are a few choice adjectives you could use to describe Danny Boyle’s latest psychological thriller, “Trance.”...

Jackie Chan in Chinese Zodiac (2012) Movie Image

Chinese Zodiac (2012) Movie Review

Jackie Chan, perhaps best known these days for his outspoken Chinese nationalism rather the stunt-filled action films in which he...

Zulu Dawn (1979) Movie Image

New On Blu-Ray: Zulu Dawn (1979)

Watching “Zulu Dawn,” now out on Blu-ray, you get the distinct impression that this is a British version of frontier...

Jane Levy in Evil Dead (2013) Movie Image

Evil Dead (2013) Movie Review

When we learned that there was going to be an “Evil Dead” remake, or reboot, or whatever it’s supposed to...

Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie in Labyrinth (1986) Movie Image

Labyrinth (1986) Move Review

Looking back, it’s difficult to believe that the cult classic “Labyrinth” was actually a failure at the box office. The...

The Host (2013) Movie Poster

The Host (2013) Movie Review

Wouldn’t you know it, interplanetary teenage love is hard. That’s the gist of Andrew Niccol’s (“Gattaca”) new film, “The Host.”...

Spring Breakers (2013) Movie Banner

Spring Breakers (2013) Movie Review

Admittedly I’m having a difficult time sorting through my feelings about “Spring Breakers.” To call it half incredible and half...

Olympus has Fallen (2013) Movie Banner

Olympus Has Fallen (2013) Movie Review

Early on in director Antoine Fuqua’s actioner “Olympus Has Fallen,” disgraced secret service agent Mike Banning’s (Gerard Butler) wife makes...

Ryoo Seung-beom in Perfect Number (aka Suspect X, 2012) Movie Image

Perfect Number (2012) Movie Review

“Perfect Number” sees Korea turning to Japan for inspiration, an adaptation of the acclaimed Higashino Keigo novel “Yogisha X no...

The Spies (2012) Movie Image

The Spies (2012) Movie Review

The Korean divide rears its head again in “The Spies”, following a gang of agents from the North who find...

Stitches (2012) Movie Image

Stitches (2012) Movie Review

There’s a moment in co-writer and director Conor McMahon’s horror/comedy “Stitches” where one of the film’s more obnoxious characters meet...

Stoker (2013) Movie Poster

Stoker (2013) Movie Review

There’s always a level of concern when an acclaimed international filmmaker heads to Hollywood for the first time. How often...

Almost Che (2012) Movie Image

Almost Che (2012) Movie Review

“Almost Che” is a Korean comedy that re-teams writer director Yook Sang Hyo and actor Kim In Kwon, who last...

Ji-Sub So in A Company Man (2012) Movie Image

A Company Man (2012) Movie Review

That ever popular darling of genre cinema, the strong, silent and stylishly dressed hitman returns in Korean thriller “A Company...

The Bay (2012) Movie Image

The Bay (2012) Movie Review #2

When thinking of the director most likely to be churning out a found footage style eco-horror about a particularly nasty...