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Sandra Bullock in Gravity (2013) Movie Image

New on DVD/Blu-ray: Gravity (2013)

Alfonso Cuaron’s “Gravity” is a tense, entertaining movie there’s no denying that. It has action (not in the explosions and ass-kicking...

The Weight (2012) Movie Image

The Weight (2012) Movie Review

“The Weight” is that rare thing, a truly unique and challenging piece of cinema that blurs the line between film...

Joel Kinnaman in RoboCop (2014) Movie Image

RoboCop (2014) Movie Review

The future of law enforcement is here, or back, or however you want to say it. Look I’m just going...

Fukuyama Masaharu in Midsummer's Equation (2013) Movie Image

Midsummer’s Equation (2013) Movie Review

Japanese detective and logic loving scientist Dr. Yukawa returns in “Midsummer’s Equation”, following on from the highly successful “Galileo” television...

Joon Lee in Rough Play (2013) Movie Image

Rough Play (2013) Movie Review

As well as helming his own critically acclaimed and frequently controversial films, Korean auteur Kim Ki Duk also runs a...

Days of Wrath (2013) Movie Image

Days of Wrath (2013) Movie Review

Best known for his hit comedies “100 Days with Mr. Arrogant” and “Wedding Scandal”, Korean director Shin Dong Yeob tries...

Thanatomorphose (2012) Movie Image

Thanatomorphose (2012) Movie Review

I’ve never encountered a motion picture quite like “Thanatomorphose.” You’re either going to absolutely adore this movie or hate it...

Ryuhei Matsuda in The Great Passage (2013) Movie Image

The Great Passage (2013) Movie Review

Japanese director Ishii Yuya returns with “The Great Passage”, following up on his popular “Mitsuko Delivers” and “Sawako Decides” with...

Mi Yang in Tiny Times 1.0 (2013) Movie Image

Tiny Times 1.0 (2013) Movie Review

“Tiny Times” has been somewhat of a phenomenon over in China, originating as a trilogy of extremely popular novels from...

Atsuko Maeda in The Complex (2013) Movie Image

The Complex (2013) Movie Review

Nakata Hideo of “Ringu” fame returns again to the supernatural with “The Complex”, following up on “The Incite Mill” and...

Rina Takeda in Dead Sushi (2012) Movie Image

Dead Sushi (2012) Movie Review #2

Iguchi Noboru offers up another serving of wacky Japanese splatter with “Dead Sushi”, in which unfortunate diners at a rural...

Sofia Vergara and Alexa Vega in Machete Kills (2013) Movie Image

New on DVD/Blu-ray: Machete Kills (2013)

Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete Kills” is as insane, over-the-top, and colorfully bloody as you’ve heard. The first “Machete” was a surprise...

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart in Ride Along (2014) Movie Image

Ride Along (2014) Movie Review

Growing up as an 11-year-old white kid in the middle of a moderate sized town in the Pacific Northwest, the...