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Zoe Saldana in Colombiana (2011) Movie Image

Colombiana (2011) Movie Review

After witnessing the brutal murder of her parents at the hands of Colombian drug lords, Cataleya (Zoe Saldana) grows up...

Muckman (2009) Movie Image

Muckman (2009) Movie Review

Make no bones about it, my friends: “A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell ” director Brett Piper’s 2009 horror/comedy “Muckman”...

Joey Lanai in Target Practice (2008) Movie Image

Target Practice (2008) Movie Review

“Target Practice” looks a lot like a movie that some of your more enterprising buddies made—shooting on weekends, using the...

Rinko Kikuchi and Ken'ichi Matsuyama in Norwegian Wood (2010) Movie Image

Norwegian Wood (2010) Movie Review

As all supposedly unfilmable novels inevitably seem to, a cinematic Murakami Haruki’s “Norwegian Wood” finally arrived in 2010, some 23...

Colin Farrell in Fright Night (2011) Movie Image

Fright Night (2011) Movie Review

I’m going to try not to waste a bunch of time with a pointless how-dare-they-remake-a-classic-like-“Fright Night” rants. We all know...

Romantic Heaven (2011) Movie Image

Romantic Heaven (2011) Movie Review

Jang Jin, director of wonderfully offbeat films like “Guns and Talks”, “Murder, Take One”, and more recently “The Quiz Show...

Hanji (2010) Movie Image

Hanji (2010) Movie Review

Legendary Korean director Im Kwon Taek returns with his 101st feature in “Hanji”, which also happens to be his first...

Steve Austin in Tactical Force (2011) Movie Image

Tactical Force (2011) Movie Review

Writer/director Adamo P. Cultraro’s “Tactical Force” opens inside a grocery store during a daring albeit poorly planned armed robbery. In...

Shotgun Love (2011) Movie Image

Shotgun Love (2011) Movie Review

Popular Korean actor Lim Chang Jung, probably still best known for his hilariously undignified role in “Sex is Zero”, returns...

Bleak Night (2010) Movie Image

Bleak Night (2010) Movie Review

As its title suggests, “Bleak Night” is a grim slice of Korean indie drama, which marks the debut of writer...


New On DVD: Clash (AKA Bay Rong)

We’ve been writing about Vietnamese actioner “Clash” (AKA “Bay Rong”) on this site for some time. So long, in fact,...

Revolt Pic 4

Forgotten Action Cinema: Revolt

When his brother is savagely murdered attempting to smuggle drugs across the Mexican border, an grieving man with a sweet...

Jason Statham in Blitz

Blitz (2011) Movie Review

I’m having a hard time transforming my thoughts and feelings about director Elliott Lester’s balls-out action/thriller “Blitz” into words. On...