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Outrage Beyond (2012) Movie Image

Outrage Beyond (2012) Movie Review

Japanese legend Kitano Takeshi returns to the Yakuza genre once again with “Outrage Beyond”, the follow up to his 2010...

The Counselor (2013) Movie Poster

The Counselor (2013) Movie Review

“The Counselor” is a movie I’ve been pumped up for since we first heard that Pulitzer Prize-winning author Cormac McCarthy...

Davika Hoorne in Pee Mak (2013) Movie Image

Pee Mak (2013) Movie Review

Thai horror films have never quite found the same kind of international audience as their creepy cousins from Korean or...

Shin Ha Kyun in Running Man (2013) Movie Image

Running Man (2013) Movie Review

Korean director Jo Dong Oh returns with “Running Man”, his first outing since his big budget 2006 fantasy “The Restless”,...

Suk-kyu Han in My Paparotti (2013) Movie Image

My Paparotti (2013) Movie Review

“My Paparotti”, its title a deliberate mispronunciation of famous tenor Pavarotti, is unsurprisingly a film about singing, the twist being...

Kim Yoon Seok in South Bound (2013) Movie Image

South Bound (2013) Movie Review

Lim Soon Rye, one of Korea’s most prominent female directors, returns with “South Bound”, the tale of an anti-establishment man...