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Dark Skies (2013) Movie Poster

Dark Skies (2013) Movie Review

“Dark Skies” adds a sci-fi twist to the currently popular run of supernatural Hollywood horror typified by the likes of...

Horny Family (2010) Movie Image

Horny Family (2010) Movie Review

Korean comedy “Horny Family” (also known by the odder title “Tummy”) is a film which has been kicking around for...

Azooma (2012) Movie Image

Azooma (2012) Movie Review

How far would you go to seek justice for your child? This is the question asked by “Azooma”, a hard...

Gianna Jun in The Berlin File (2013) Movie Image

The Berlin File (2013) Movie Review

Ryoo Seung Wan, arguably Korea’s top director of action packed blockbusters after the likes of “City of Violence” and “The...

Jason Statham in Redemption (2013) Movie Image

Redemption (2013) Movie Review

It’s not hard to spot a “Jason Statham movie”. Suit and tie? Check. Wicked fighting skills? Double check. Awesome backstory?...

The Heat (2013) Movie Poster

The Heat (2013) Movie Review

Though there have certainly been female fronted buddy cop movies before, the genre is dominated by boys being boys. Leave...

Deadpool Game Image

Game Review: DeadPool (PS3)

So it’s finally here! The thing I’ve been waiting most for in life! {Jennifer Love Hewitt have a nude scene...

Gemma Arterton in Byzantium (2012) Movie Image

Byzantium (2012) Movie Review

Neil Jordan’s moody new film “Byzantium” is a sprawling, novelistic take on a familiar genre. Not his first horror rodeo,...

Abe Sadao and Matsu Takako in Dreams for Sale (2012) Movie Image

Dreams for Sale (2012) Movie Review

“Dreams for Sale” is the latest film from Japanese writer/director Nishikawa Miwa, a hard hitting drama which follows a husband...

Byung-hun Lee in Masquerade (2012) Movie Image

Masquerade (2012) Movie Review

Lee Byung Hun, one of Korea’s biggest and most popular stars, who recently also enjoyed success in Hollywood in the...

2 Doors (2011) Movie Image

2 Doors (2011) Movie Review

“2 Doors” is a feature length Korean documentary directed by Hong Ji You and Kim Il Ran, who previously served...

Young Ju Seo and Jung-hyun Lee in Juvenile Offender (2012) Movie Image

Juvenile Offender (2012) Movie Review

Produced and supported by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea, “Juvenile Offender” is a humanistic and socially aware look...


Man of Steel (2013) Movie Review

If your biggest complaint about previous Superman movies was that they didn’t have enough super ass kicking in them, then...