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Bosco Wong and Stephy Tang in Love in Time (2012) Movie Image

Love in Time (2012) Movie Review

“Love in Time” is an old fashioned Hong Kong romantic comedy directed by Leefire, a multi-talented type also known as...

The Tower (2012) Movie Image

The Tower (2012) Movie Review

Like Hollywood, Korean cinema loves a good disaster movie, none more so than director Kim Ji Hoon, known for big...

The Facility (2012) Movie Image

The Facility (2012) Movie Review

Award winning short film writer director Ian Clark (“Jenny and the Worm”) makes his feature debut with the horror thriller...

Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man 3 (2013) Movie Image

Iron Man 3 (2013) Movie Review

The world has changed since “The Avengers.” You can’t have Norse gods falling to Earth and aliens invading New York...

Emulsion (2011) Movie Image

Emulsion (2013) Movie Review

I first covered director Suki Singh’s drama “Emulsion” way back in the year that was 2010. The trailer for the...

Cold Prey 2 (2008) Movie Image

New On DVD: Cold Prey 2 (2008)

After battling a crazed backwoods hillbilly, or at least their Norwegian equivalent, and barely escaping with your life, most of...

Wolf Children (2012) Movie Image

Wolf Children (2012) Movie Review

Although Hayao Miyazaki and his Studio Ghibli colleagues are still the most famous purveyors of Japanese animation, a number of...

The Last Supper (2012) Movie Image

The Last Supper (2012) Movie Review

With big budget Chinese historical dramas and epics still proving incredibly popular, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that two...

Mama (2013) Movie Blu-ray Cover

New on DVD/Blu-ray: Mama (2013)

I don’t know about your mama, but Andres Muschietti’s Mama don’t take you stealing her kids lying down. A surprise...

Aaron Eckhart in Erased (aka The Expatriate, 2012) Movie Image

Erased (2012) Movie Review

Director Philipp Stölzl’s “Erased” is certainly not bad. It’s not great, either, mind you, but in terms of sucky cinema,...

Barbie (2011) Movie Image

Barbie (2011) Movie Review

Writer director Lee Sang Woo, who caused quite a stir on the Korean indie scene with his hard hitting features...

Joong-ki Song and Bo-yeong Park in A Werewolf Boy (2012) Movie Image

A Werewolf Boy (2012) Movie Review

Romantic fantasy “A Werewolf Boy” emerged as of the biggest Korean hits of 2012, not to mention the country’s biggest...

Manborg (2011) Movie Image

Manborg (2011) Movie Review

Do you remember how low-budget movies from the 80s never really lived up to their VHS covers? Except for maybe...

Oblivion (2013) Movie Image

Oblivion (2013) Movie Review

Joseph Kosinski, who divided fans with his grandiose “Tron Legacy”, returns with more large-scale science fiction in “Oblivion”, based on...