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Sightseers (2012) Movie Review

After turning out a seedy, brutal, genre bender of a horror film like “Kill List,” the obvious next move is...

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SIFF ’13 Review: Pieta (2012)

After a sojourn into other realms, and a self-imposed year-long hiatus from the industry—sort of, he did release the documentary...

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Iron Man 3 (2013) Movie Review

The world has changed since “The Avengers.” You can’t have Norse gods falling to Earth and aliens invading New York...

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New On DVD: Cold Prey 2 (2008)

After battling a crazed backwoods hillbilly, or at least their Norwegian equivalent, and barely escaping with your life, most of...

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Trance (2013) Movie Review

Dark, brutal, hypnotic; these are a few choice adjectives you could use to describe Danny Boyle’s latest psychological thriller, “Trance.”...