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Dreamcatcher (2003) Movie Poster

Dreamcatcher (2003) Movie Review

Besides being a giant mess and a terrible bore of a movie, “Dreamcatcher” has the same problem as “Signs” —...

Event Horizon (1997) Movie DVD Cover

Event Horizon (1997) Movie Review

“Event Horizon” stars Sam Neill (“Jurassic Park 3″) as Dr. Weir, a troubled scientist who, along with the salvage crew...

Screamers (1995) Movie Poster

Screamers (1995) Movie Review

“Robocop’s” Peter Weller headlines “Screamers” as Hendricksson, the burnt out commanding officer of a futuristic military faction called the Alliance....

Solaris (2002) Movie DVD Cover

Solaris (2002) Movie Review

I’ve never been accused of going out of my way to see the year’s (insert present year here) “most thought-provoking...

Alien (1979) Movie Poster

Alien (1979) Movie Review

The tagline for Ridley Scott’s 1979 “Alien” is, “In space no one can hear you scream,” and is it ever...

Aliens (1986) Movie Poster

Aliens (1986) Movie Review

James Cameron’s “Aliens” is, in my humble opinion, the definitive Humans vs. Aliens movie. As far as I’m concern, every...

Total Recall (1990) Movie Poster

Total Recall (1990) Movie Review

“Total Recall” is a 1990 futuristic actioner about Douglas Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenegger), an Everyman construction worker on Earth who begins...

Signs (2002) Movie Poster

Signs (2002) Movie Review

M. Night Shyamalan’s new movie, “Signs,” is about an invasion of Earth by aliens. Or at least that’s what the...

Impostor (2002) Movie Poster

Impostor (2002) Movie Review

Consider the evolution of “futuristic” sci-fi movies. Just a scant decade ago filmmakers would be thankful if they could just...


Soldier (1997) Movie Review

Soldier is not a deep movie. It’s a sometimes too-violent film, but it’s never boring. At least, I never found...


The One (2001) Movie Review

In The One, we are told there are 125 universes parallel to our own (another take on the tried and...