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The Smurfs (2011) Movie Image

The Smurfs (2011) Movie Review

“The Smurfs” is so smurfing sweet that you’ll want to smurfing puke all over the smurfing place. I’m not going...


New Image From The Smurfs 3D

I know there are tons of you fidgety little monkeys out there in TV land who can barely contain your...

The Smurfs (2011) Movie Image

First Look at the Smurfs Movie

Yes, that’s right. Some material from the CGI-animated “Smurfs” movie has surfaced online, and because I know all of you...

The Smurfs (2011) Movie Image

Smurfs: The 3-D Animated Movie

Holy Smurf! You demanded it, and now you’re going to get it: it’s “Smurfs” the movie. No, no, it won’t...