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Kim Seon-ah in The Five (2013) Movie Image

The Five (2013) Movie Review

Jung Yeon Sik makes his screenwriting and directorial debut with “The Five”, an adaptation of his own popular webcomic “The...

Seung Hyun Choi in Commitment (2013) Movie Image

Commitment (2013) Movie Review

A K-pop idol goes undercover in “Commitment”, an espionage thriller that marks the debut of director Park Hong Soo, who...

Top Star (2013) Movie Image

Top Star (2013) Movie Review

It seems to be a very popular time for Korean actors stepping behind the camera, with Ha Jung Woo and...

Ye-jin Son in Blood and Ties (2013) Movie Image

Blood and Ties (2013) Movie Review

Kidnapping and child murder dramas have been extremely popular in Korean cinema over the last few years, particularly those inspired...

Hae-sook Kim and Ah In Yoo in Tough as Iron (2013) Movie Image

Tough as Iron (2013) Movie Review

“Tough as Iron” is that most Korean of genre favourites, a melodramatic gangster tragedy which packs in as many different...

The Weight (2012) Movie Image

The Weight (2012) Movie Review

“The Weight” is that rare thing, a truly unique and challenging piece of cinema that blurs the line between film...

Joon Lee in Rough Play (2013) Movie Image

Rough Play (2013) Movie Review

As well as helming his own critically acclaimed and frequently controversial films, Korean auteur Kim Ki Duk also runs a...

Days of Wrath (2013) Movie Image

Days of Wrath (2013) Movie Review

Best known for his hit comedies “100 Days with Mr. Arrogant” and “Wedding Scandal”, Korean director Shin Dong Yeob tries...

Yu-mi Jeong in Our Sunhi (2013) Movie Image

Our Sunhi (2013) Movie Review

Acclaimed Korean auteur Hong Sang Soo returns with his 15th feature, “Our Sunhi”, which like his other 2013 outing “Nobody’s...

Han Hyo-joo in Cold Eyes (2013) Movie Image

Cold Eyes (2013) Movie Review

It’s remake time again, as the 2007 Milkyway outing “Eye in the Sky” from director Yau Nai Hoi and producers...

Jiseul (2012) Movie Image

Jiseul (2012) Movie Review

Korean director O Muel tackles a dark period in his country’s history with “Jiseul”, which focuses on an incident during...

Park Ji Soo in Mai Ratima (2012) Movie Image

Mai Ratima (2012) Movie Review

“Mai Ratima” marks the feature length debut directorial of acclaimed Korean actor Yoo Ji Tae, known for his turns in...

Hide and Seek (2013) Movie Poster

Hide and Seek (2013) Movie Review

First time Korean writer-director Huh Jung gives audiences one less place to feel safe with “Hide and Seek”, a novel...

Shin Ha Kyun in Running Man (2013) Movie Image

Running Man (2013) Movie Review

Korean director Jo Dong Oh returns with “Running Man”, his first outing since his big budget 2006 fantasy “The Restless”,...

Suk-kyu Han in My Paparotti (2013) Movie Image

My Paparotti (2013) Movie Review

“My Paparotti”, its title a deliberate mispronunciation of famous tenor Pavarotti, is unsurprisingly a film about singing, the twist being...

Kim Yoon Seok in South Bound (2013) Movie Image

South Bound (2013) Movie Review

Lim Soon Rye, one of Korea’s most prominent female directors, returns with “South Bound”, the tale of an anti-establishment man...

Fists of Legend (2013) Movie Image

Fists of Legend (2013) Movie Review

Despite its familiar sounding title, “Fists of Legend” isn’t an old school martial arts epic, but a Korean MMA themed...