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Two Moons (2012) Movie Image

Two Moons (2012) Movie Review

Pretty much every summer sees a clutch of horror films hitting Korean cinemas, and 2012 was no exception, one of...

Ghost Sweepers (2012) Movie Image

Ghost Sweepers (2012) Movie Review

Attempting to inject a little originality into the horror genre is a laudable endeavour indeed, and something which has characterised...

Yeo-Jeong Jo in The Concubine (2012) Movie Image

The Concubine (2012) Movie Review

“The Concubine” sees actress Jo Yeo Jeong following her much praised performance in “The Servant” with another bodice-ripping costume drama...

Lee Jung-jin in Pieta (2012) Movie Image

Pieta (2012) Movie Review

“Pieta” marks the 18th film from Korean auteur and agitator Kim Ki Duk, following up on his exceptionally personal and...

Deranged (2012) Movie Image

Deranged (2012) Movie Review

Although early trailers seemed to suggest an Asian stab at the increasingly overpopulated zombie genre, “Deranged” thankfully turned out to...

Don't Click (2012) Movie Image

Don’t Click (2012) Movie Review

Some 14 years after Sadako crawled from the television set, the influence of Hideo Nakata’s classic “Ringu” is still very...

Romance Joe (2011) Movie Image

Romance Joe (2011) Movie Review

“Romance Joe” marks the debut of writer director Lee Kwang Kuk, who served his apprenticeship by working on several films...

Isabelle Huppert and Jun-Sang Yu in In Another Country (2012) Movie Image

In Another Country (2012) Movie Review

Acclaimed Korean director and international festival favourite Hong Sang Soo returns with “In Another Country”, his 15th outing and another...

The Thieves (2012) Movie Image

The Thieves (2012) Movie Review

Dong-hoon Choi’s “The Thieves” successfully revisits the heist genre that first brought him to fame.  This time around, the production...

Kim Go-Eun in A Muse (2012) Movie Image

A Muse (2012) Movie Review

“Lolita” goes Korean with “A Muse”, the story of a 70 year old poet falling in love with a young...

The King of Pigs (2011) Movie Image

The King of Pigs (2011) Movie Review

South Korea isn’t a country traditionally associated with animation, with only a few films like “Wonderful Days” or the recent...

Ha Ji Won and Doona Bae in As One (2012) Movie Image

As One (2012) Movie Review

“As One” is a Korean drama mixing two of the country’s most popular cinematic themes, North-South reunification and sports. The...

Jung-woo Ha and Hyo-jin Kong in Love Fiction (2012) Movie Image

Love Fiction (2012) Movie Review

Although the idea of yet another Korean romantic comedy might not exactly set the pulse racing, “Love Fiction” does have...

Won-sang Park in Unbowed (2011) Movie Image

Unbowed (2011) Movie Review

Korean films rarely seem to portray the country’s justice system in a particularly positive light, and that’s certainly the case...

Kim Min Hee in Helpess (2012) Movie Image

Helpless (2012) Movie Review

“Helpless” is a Korean suspense thriller from female Korean director Byun Young Joo (“Flying Boys”), based on the best-selling Japanese...

Kang-ho Song in Howling (2012) Movie Image

Howling (2012) Movie Review

Despite its title and killer canine premise, “Howling” isn’t a werewolf horror, but a crime mystery based upon the award...

Meg Kelley, Ara Goh, Yong-woo Park, Peyton Townsend and Parker Townsend in Papa (2012) Movie Image

Papa (2012) Movie Review

“Papa” is a Korean film with a musical flavour, following popular actor Park Yong Woo (“Handphone”) as a rogue who...

Yoo Ah In in Punch (2011) Movie Image

Punch (2011) Movie Review

“Punch” is the latest outing from Korean director Lee Han, mostly known for romantic comedies and dramas such as “Lover’s...