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Ryu Seung Soo and Esom in Second Half (2010) Movie Image

Second Half (2010) Movie Review

“Second Half” is a Korean indie film with an interesting pedigree, being the debut feature from writer director David Cho,...

Ghastly (2011) Movie Image

Ghastly (2011) Movie Review

The excellently titled “Ghastly” is the latest of the 2011 Korean summer horrors to hit DVD and is another dealing...

The Cat (2011) Movie Image

The Cat (2011) Movie Review

Korean horror takes a furry, feline turn with “The Cat”, from writer director Byun Seung Wook (“Solace”), pitting television actress...

Sector 7 (2011) Movie Image

Sector 7 (2011) Movie Review

After spending so much time covering director Kim Ji-hoon’s deep sea monster movie “Sector 7″, you’d think that my lofty...

Moby Dick (2010) Movie Image

Moby Dick (2010) Movie Review

Although “Moby Dick” isn’t an adaptation of the Herman Melville classic, but a Korean conspiracy thriller, the film does share...

Romantic Heaven (2011) Movie Image

Romantic Heaven (2011) Movie Review

Jang Jin, director of wonderfully offbeat films like “Guns and Talks”, “Murder, Take One”, and more recently “The Quiz Show...

Hanji (2010) Movie Image

Hanji (2010) Movie Review

Legendary Korean director Im Kwon Taek returns with his 101st feature in “Hanji”, which also happens to be his first...

Shotgun Love (2011) Movie Image

Shotgun Love (2011) Movie Review

Popular Korean actor Lim Chang Jung, probably still best known for his hilariously undignified role in “Sex is Zero”, returns...

Bleak Night (2010) Movie Image

Bleak Night (2010) Movie Review

As its title suggests, “Bleak Night” is a grim slice of Korean indie drama, which marks the debut of writer...

Children (2011) Movie Poster

Children… (2011) Movie Review

“Children…” is another of the true life crime dramas which Korean cinema seems to do so consistently well, this time...

Heartbeat (2010) Movie Image

Heartbeat (2010) Movie Review

Another Korean organ transplant themed thriller arrives in the form of “Heartbeat”, marking the debut of “Hello Schoolgirl” and “My...

The Unjust (2010) Movie Image

The Unjust (2010) Movie Review

With hits like “Crying Fist” and “The City of Violence” under his belt, Korean director Ryoo Seung Wan has made...

Glove (2011) Movie Image 2

GLove (2011) Movie Review

Award winning Korean director Kang Woo Suk, known for hard hitting, top quality blockbusters such as “Public Enemy”, “Silmido” and...

Be My Guest (2009) Movie Image

Be My Guest (2009) Movie review

“Be my Guest” (a.k.a. “Excuse Me”) is an indie Korean outing perhaps best described as a slasher comedy, a wild...

Come Closer (2010) Movie Image

Come, Closer (2010) Movie Review

Korean indie “Come, Closer” marks the debut feature from director Kim Jong Kwan, a winding exploration of love and modern...