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Hello Ghost (2010) Movie Image

Hello Ghost (2010) Movie Review

Actor Cha Tae Hyun certainly has the golden touch, having starred in both “My Sassy Girl” and “Scandal Makers”, two...

No Doubt (2010) Movie Image

No Doubt (2010) Movie Review

“No Doubt” is a Korean suspense thriller revolving around the awkward subject of a sex offender in a small rural...

Bedevilled (2010) Movie Image

Bedevilled (2010) Movie Review

“Bedevilled” emerged as one of the most hard hitting and accomplished films from Korea in 2010, a shocking and unforgettable...

Grand Prix (2010) Movie Image

Grand Prix (2010) Movie Review

“Grand Prix” is a horseracing drama from director Yang Yun Ho that charts the struggle of a plucky female jockey...

Oki's Movie (2010) Movie Image

Oki’s Movie (2010) Movie Review

Acclaimed master auteur of Korean indie cinema Hong Sang Soo returns with “Oki’s Movie”, another unconventional film dealing with life,...

Cyrano Agency (2010) Movie Image

Cyrano Agency (2010) Movie Review

As can probably be guessed from the title, Korean romantic comedy “Cyrano Agency” takes its cue from the classic 19th-century...

Troubleshooter (2010) Movie Image

Troubleshooter (2010) Movie Review

Although Korean thriller “Troubleshooter” marks the debut of writer director Kwon Hyeok Jae, the helmer already has an impressive pedigree...

Missing (2009) Movie Image

Missing (2009) Movie Review

The popularity of gritty true crime Korean cinema continues with serial killer kidnap drama “Missing”, directed by Kim Sung Hong,...

Deserted House (2010) Movie Image

Deserted House (2010) Movie Review

orean cinema gets into the found footage horror genre act with “Deserted House”, following an unfortunate documentary film crew who...

July 32nd (2010) Movie Image

July 32nd (2010) Movie Review

“July 32nd” is a grim Korean indie drama directed by Jin Seung Hyun and based upon the short story “Full...

I Saw the Devil (2010) Movie Image

I Saw the Devil (2010) Movie Review

In the admittedly over-saturated world of gritty revenge cinema, acclaimed director Ji-woon Kim’s brutal 2010 thriller “I Saw the Devil”...