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Ha Ha Ha (2010) Movie Image

Ha Ha Ha (2010) Movie Review

Hong Sang Soo, Korean writer director of acclaimed indie films “Tale of Cinema” and “Woman on the Beach” returns with...

The Servant (2010) Movie Image

The Servant (2010) Movie Review

The famous Korean romantic folk story ‘Tale of Chun Hyang’ gets another screen adaptation with “The Servant”, though this time...

Moss (2010) Movie Image

Moss (2010) Movie Review

Kang Woo Suk, officially Korea’s biggest blockbuster director after scoring an endless run of hits with the likes of “Public...

Poetry (2010) Movie Image

Poetry (2010) Movie Review

After a three year hiatus following his multiple award winning “Secret Sunshine”, master Korean film maker Lee Chang Dong returns...

Bestseller (2010) Movie Image

Bestseller (2010) Movie Review

Popular Korean actress Uhm Jung Hwa, recently in the likes of “Insadong Scandal” and the big budget disaster epic “Haeundae”,...

Parallel Life (2010) Movie Image

Parallel Life (2010) Movie Review

“Parallel Life” is a film with an interesting concept, that certain people can find themselves repeating the lives of others...

Harmony (2010) Movie Image

Harmony (2010) Movie Review

“Harmony” is an inspirational tale following a female prison choir, headlined by popular actress Kim Yoon Jin of “Lost” fame....

Runaway from Home (2009) Movie Image

Runaway from Home (2009) Movie Review

“Runaway from Home” (also known by the more literal title “Looking for my Wife”) marks the return of “Bewitching Attraction”...

Happy Killers (2010) Movie Image

Happy Killers (2010) Movie Review

With the whole cops hunting serial killers plot having become increasingly popular in Korean cinema of late, such films now...

Outlaw (2010) Movie Image

Outlaw (2010) Movie Review

Vigilantism has long been a popular theme in cinema, offering the chance to criticise the failings of the system whilst...

Lovers Vanished (2010) Movie Image

Lovers Vanished (2010) Movie Review

“Lovers Vanished” is a Korean independent which bravely takes on the controversial subject of aids by following the seemingly doomed...

Secret (2009) Movie Image

Secret (2009) Movie Review

Korean mystery yarn “Secret” marks the directorial debut of Yoon Jae Goo, screenwriter of the superb Kim Yoon Jin starring...

Old Partner (2008) Movie Image

Old Partner (2008) Movie Review

The independent Korean documentary “Old Partner” has been something of a phenomenon, pulling in a mightily impressive three million tickets...

Fair Love (2009) Movie Image

Fair Love (2009) Movie Review

“Fair Love” offers a twist on the usual Korean romances by charting the progress of a May-December relationship between an...

Lady Daddy (2009) Movie Image

Lady Daddy (2009) Movie Review

“Lady Daddy” is a film which certainly wins points for what is an unusual and brave concept, being a romantic...

The Executioner (2009) Movie Image

The Executioner (2009) Movie Review

Capital punishment is a subject of great moral complexity and one which lends itself to powerful cinematic debate, asking audiences...